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Keep reading to learn about all the PlayStation trophies you can unlock for Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch.

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch is an open-world horseback adventure game from the French game developer and publisher, Microïds. Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch is set to capture your hearts with stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and an equally interesting story.

As you visit your aunt in Emerald Valley island, you’ll find your family farm in a distraught state. Being the only person who can restore the farm to its former glory, you seek allies to aid you in your cause.

And as you gallop freely across the island and take in its beauty, you will meet plenty of interesting people who will lend you their expertise to make the farm stand taller than before.

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch - All PlayStation Trophies
Credit: Microïds

Restoring your family farm means you can also rebuild it with your own personal touch, giving you plenty of freedom to decorate it however you see fit. Moreover, you can tame and breed horses and prepare various horse-care facilities to give them a comfortable life on your farm.

Furthermore, each horse you tame has a unique personality and comes with its own abilities, preferences, and training needs. Once you’ve trained them, you can mount the horses and work on your equestrianism by performing impressive jumps and leaps.

In addition to restoring your family’s farm and legacy, you can interact and befriend people around the island, complete various side quests, and uncover many of the island’s secrets.

You can even pet dogs and cats! And, of course, partaking in these activities will unlock several trophies. We’ve got you covered if you wish to achieve a 100% completion status in Horse Tales: Emerald Valey Ranch.

All PlayStation Trophies for Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch

There are a total of 33 PlayStation trophies for you to unlock in Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch. Among them, 13 are Bronze trophies, 15 are Silver trophies, 4 are Gold trophies, and 1 is a Platinum trophy. We’ve listed all of the PlayStation trophies and their requirements below.

Trophy NameHow to UnlockTrophy Type
NewbieComplete the tutorialBronze
BuilderBuild your first buildingBronze
Horse WhispererCure a horse’s fear or negative traitBronze
A helping handDo the Woodsman a favorBronze
The Birds and the BeesBreed a horseBronze
Junior Show JumperJump 100 times with a horseBronze
Racing horseRun 5km with a horseBronze
Apple PieCollect 50 applesBronze
Beginner’s LuckScore first in a raceBronze
The Champion of Sneaky WaysGet to know LiliBronze
Party CrasherThrow an unsuccessful partyBronze
Dog LoverPet a dogBronze
Cat LoverPet a catBronze
Like LemmingsLeap 250 times to your deathSilver
Tea TimeReach the pavilion in High GardenSilver
Stud ManagerBreed 20 horsesSilver
Bon appétit!Perfectly complete the feeding minigameSilver
MasseurPerfectly complete the petting minigameSilver
Squeaky cleanPerfectly complete the washing minigame, so the horse is squeaky cleanSilver
Equine CoiffeurPerfectly complete the brushing minigameSilver
Rodeo RiderTame a wild horseSilver
BuckarooTame 10 horsesSilver
The MastercrafterMeet Noella and reach the Flatlands race trackSilver
Finding EsmeéHelp Gabriel find EsméeSilver
Finding LiliFind and help LiliSilver
FriendshipBefriend LiliSilver
Legendary SteedFind the Emerald Valley DevilSilver
Surprise!Attend your surprise party!Silver
Tenacious ExplorerDiscover every zone on the mapGold
ChampionComplete all 8 race tracksGold
Paranormal InvestigatorThe secret about the ghost horse has been revealedGold
A Star On The RiseComplete the main storyGold
CompletionistUnlock all trophiesPlatinum
Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch PlayStation Trophies

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch is set to release on November 3, 2022, on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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