HoloLive VTuber Kronii to Reveal New Outfit Soon

Popular VTuber Kronii will soon reveal her new outfit, and the fans are hyped.

Ouro Kronii, commonly known online as Kronii, is a popular Virtual Youtuber part of the Vtuber organization Hololive. She joined HoloLive as part of the second generation of hololive members in 2021.

Since then, her popularity has only increased because of her confident personality and playful nature. Many fans believe Kronii gives off an older sister vibe because of her powerful voice and humor. Another hololive member, Ceres Fauna, described Kronii as cool, funny, and good at memes.

Kronii’s YouTube channel has more than 800k subscribers and features gameplay videos, chatting with viewers, singing, etc. Recently hololive announced that Kronii will soon debut her new outfit.

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Kronii New Outfit:

Kronii’s previous outfit included a headpiece of a circle with three arms, representing a modern clock with hour, minute, and second hands, and she also wields two swords. In the Tweet, hololive announced Kronni will reveal her new outfit in 2 days. The new Kronii outfit will be revealed on Dec 28th, 6 PM PST | 11 AM JST. The Tweet also asks Kronii fans to predict the outfit with the hashtag #Krodrip.

The tweet also showed a silhouette of the new outfit. From it, we can see that the outfit has long hair and full sleeved dress. Surely it will be an extravagant outfit.

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