Jschlatt Leaving OTK to Fulfill his 2023 Goals

JSchlatt recently announced that he is leaving the organization One True King.

Jschlatt is a popular American YouTuber and Twitch Streamer and internet personality. He usually makes gameplay videos of Minecraft, Cities Skyline, and various other games. He also frequently appeared in videos on the official OTK YouTube channel.

Schlatt’s YouTube channel has more than 1.3 million subscribers. On the other hand, his Twitch channel has close to 2 million followers. So, he is a famous person in the gaming community and the internet.

Schlatt joined OTK in 2021 around May. But recently, OTK announced that Schlatt will be leaving the org.

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Schlatt Leaving OTK:

The post announcing Schlatt’s leave came from the official OTK Twitter. Basically, the post explains that Schlatt is leaving the org to fulfill his goals for 2023. Although he is leaving, Schlatt will still be involved with OTK. The post reads,

“Schlatt has shared with us his plans for 2023, and we have mutually agreed that in order for him to fulfill his goals for the new year and beyond, we will be parting ways.

He will continue to advise our YouTube team and we will continue to work together to forge the best PCs in the universe at Starforge Systems. We are proud of all the work Schlatt has accomplished at OTK and on his personal platform and wish him all of the support and love in the world as he tackles his next ventures.

For those in our community that would like to keep up with Schlatt, you can subscribe to him on his YouTube channel at Youtube.com/jschlattlLiVE!”

The news of Schlatt leaving OTK came as shock to all the fans of the org. Recently due to some serious sexual accusations, OTK co-owner Rich Campbell had to leave the organization. So, some fans are scared that their favorite organization is falling apart and all the members are splitting up because of it.

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