Hogwarts Legacy: All Sebastian Truth Choices – Should You Tell Sebastian the Truth?

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Sebastian, your Slytherin House companion, will face an important quest in Hogwarts Legacy with him. While chatting with him in the game, you will be given several options. This guide will show you whether you should tell Sebastian the truth.

Hogwarts Legacy not only allows you to become a wizard or witch, but it also allows you to make friends from different Houses within the game. Like the original series, Hogwarts Legacy has four Houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Pet numerous supernatural monsters such as werewolves, trolls, mooncalves, etc. In the game, you will have friends who will help you complete your quest.

There is Natsai Onai, Sebastian, and more NPCs from different Houses. Sebastian Shallow is from Slytherin House. And if you choose Slytherin, you will certainly have Sebastian as your friend. Sebastian has a dark family history; you must open the mysteries individually.

While Sebastian stays as your friend and your quest companion, you will face Shadow of the Undercroft quest. At the quest’s end, you will face Truth or Lie moment before Sebastian. Now there’s the question among players: whether you would choose to tell Sebastian the truth or the lie and if it will affect your main storyline.

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All Sebastian Truth Choices & Outcomes

You will be given two choices at the end of Shadow of the Undercroft quest. Both of the choices’ outcomes will be different.

The first Truth Choice is “I’ll tell you the truth,” which is the real truth. If you choose this Truth Choice, you will talk about Ancient Magic and extend this conversation with Sebastian, and the quest will be completed. The talk about Ancient Magic will be crucial to Sebastian.

The second Truth Choice is “I’m not ready to tell you everything.” If you choose this answer, your conversation with Sebastian will end quickly, but the quest will not be completed. The quest will go on if you choose this second Truth Choice. Though you could choose the first choice, Sebastian will not mind if you choose not to tell about the Ancient Magic to Sebastian.

But no matter which Truth Choice you choose, both answers are correct. And your main storyline will not be affected, nor will your relationship with Sebastian break. All will be fine, and Sebastian will not doubt you or destroy the friendship. Sebastian will be your close companion and will always help you in your quests to complete those tasks. And Sebastian will never mind if you choose the second Truth Choice as Sebastian will understand that you are not yet ready to tell him everything.

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