Hogwarts Legacy: All Companion Relationship Lines

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In Hogwarts Legacy, you will have friends or companions in your chosen House, and the NPC friends will help you in your Quests. This guide will show you all Companion Relationship Lines in Hogwarts Legacy.

Harry Potter fans should play Hogwarts Legacy since it has locations from the whole series, including Diagon Alley, the Forbidden Forest, and many more. Also, you will be able to encounter supernatural animals like werewolves, mooncalves, trolls, and much more. In this game, players can enroll in classes, pick up spells, and advance their academic standing at Hogwarts.

You can choose to be a part of your favorite House and make companions there who will help you get through your Quests. Different House has different important NPC character, and they will act as your companion. From Gryffindor, you will have Natsai Onai. From Slytherin House, you will have Sebastian Shallow. From Hufflepuff, you will have Poppy Sweeting.

These 3 companions are directly linked to your Quests and challenges, but Amit Thakkar from Ravenclaw, who is also an NPC from Ravenclaw, doesn’t hold any significant role in completing Quests. Let’s learn more about this.

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All Companion Relationship Lines

When you choose your House, you will have your main Companion from that particular House, and the series of Sub Events with that Companion are called Relationship Lines. Relationship Lines can be unlocked after you have chosen your House and made friends with any of the 3 companions, Sebastian Shallow, Poppy Sweeting, and Natsai Onai. You can also befriend all these 3 Companions and complete their Relationship Lines.

The details of the 3 Companion Relationship Lines are down below:

Natsai Onai

Natsai Onai is from Gryffindor House. She studied at the African wizarding school Uagadou in Uganda and joined Hogwarts after she became Animagus. The guest list with Natsai Onai are;

  • The Lost Child (Relationship)
  • Mum’s The Word (Relationship)
  • A Basis for Blackmail (Relationship)
  • Grief and Vengeance (Relationship)
  • Finding Focus (Relationship)
  • Harlow’s Last Chance (Relationship)
  • Acting On Instinct (Relationship)

You will get The Avenging Gazelle bronze trophy if you complete the Natsai Onai’s, Relationship Line.

Sebastian Shallow

Sebastian is from Slytherin House and is on his quest to find a cure through Dark Arts to save his sister. He has his family secrets. The guest list with Sebastian Shallow are;

  • In the Shadow of the Undercroft (Main)
  • In the Shadow of the Estate (Main)
  • In the Shadow of the Bloodline (Relationship)
  • In the Shadow of the Study (Relationship)
  • In the Shadow of Discovery (Relationship)
  • In the Shadow of Time (Relationship)
  • In the Shadow of Distance (Relationship)
  • In the Shadow of the Mine (Main)
  • In the Shadow of the Mountain (Main)
  • In the Shadow of Hope (Relationship)
  • In the Shadow of the Relic (Relationship)
  • In the Shadow of Fate (Relationship)
  • In the Shadow of Friendship (Relationship)

You will get A Sallow Grave bronze trophy if you compete the Sebastian Shallow’s, Relationship Line.

Poppy Sweeting

Poppy is from Hufflepuff and lives with her Grandmother. Poppy loves Beasts and other animals, and she is gentle toward them. You must fight with Poachers and learn to control Magical Beasts with her. The guest list with Poppy Sweeting are;

  • A Dragon Debrief (Relationship)
  • Poached Egg (Relationship)
  • The Poacher’s House Call (Relationship)
  • The Centaur and the Stone (Relationship)
  • It’s in the Stars (Relationship)
  • A Bird in the Hand (Relationship)
  • Poppy Blooms (Relationship)

You will get the Beast Friends bronze trophy if you complete the Poppy Sweetings Relationship Line.

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