Hogwarts Legacy: All Natty Truth Choices – Should You Tell Natty the Truth?

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Natty is your companion in Hogwarts Legacy. You will be given a series of choices while conversing with her in the game. This guide will show you all of Natty’s truth choices and whether you should tell Natty the truth.

Hogwarts Legacy not only gives you a chance to become a wizard or witch, but you also get to make friends within the game from different Houses. There are four Houses in Hogwarts Legacy, like in the original series; Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Players get to pet various magical beasts like Werewolves, Trolls, Mooncalves, and much more! There will be a different quest in the main storyline; sometimes, your decision will matter later in the game’s ending.

You will have Natty, a.k.a. Natsai Onai as your friend. Natsai Onai is from Uagadou and Natsai is in the House, Gryffindor. You can make friends with Natty, and during your conversation with Natty, you will be given choices about your answers.

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All Natty Truth Choices & Outcomes

There will be two choices, one Truth and one Lie. Both of the choice answers will be different.

The first Truth Choice is “They want something I found,” which is an absolute truth. And with this choice, you will give Natty a brief about Ancient Magic, as she doesn’t know about it. If you choose this answer, Natty will learn about Ancient Magic from you, as this particular knowledge will be needed for her in the next quest.

The second Truth Choice is “I can’t say,” which is a lie. If you choose this answer and lie to Natty, Natty will still believe you, but she will doubt you. Natty may doubt you, but she will still think about your words. So, it will still be fine if you lied.

You can tell Natty the truth and teach her about Ancient Magic. You can also lie to her about it; it doesn’t matter. Natty will be your close friend and one of the critical companions in Hogwarts Legacy who will lend you a hand in your quests. No matter your choice, it will not affect your relationship with Natty.

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