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Wondering what to do with Mirror Moth puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy? We have a solution!

Hogwarts Legacy has a vast open world you can explore, and of course, it has puzzles and secrets you can unlock. Apart from the world, just like in the movies of Harry Potter, you can explore the castle itself. The team at Avalanche studio must have been a J.K Rowling or Harry potter fan because of the attention to detail the developers managed to cram into this interactive medium. It has truly done justice to the popular series.

Moving on to secrets and puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy, among other puzzles, you will encounter Mirror Moth puzzles. Puzzles inside open-world games always make us feel like a detective, but are these Mirrors a portal to a brand new adventure inside an adventure game? Well, check out the guide below to know more:

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How to Fill Mirror Moth puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

The incredibly detailed Hogwarts Legacy includes many empty paintings around the castle. They all have one thing in common: they will have a cavity in both in the shape of a Moth. So how do you find these Moths and insert them inside these paintings to fill them up?

While playing the game, you will come across the side quest named Moth to a Frame which will give you a tutorial on completing these puzzles. To play this side quest, head to a girl named Lenora Everleigh, who you will see standing in front of an empty picture frame in the Central Hall area of Hogwarts.

Moreover, to complete this puzzle, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Cast the Lumos spell and examine the clue given by the painting
  • Now look for a glowing moth nearby using the clue
  • After you get to the Moth, cast your Lumos Spell again and let it follow you.
  • Once you are close to the painting and uncast your spell.
All Mirror Moth Puzzles
credit: Portkey Games

All Moth Mirror Puzzles

Now that you have understood how you can solve these puzzles, check out all 19 puzzles and their respect moth locations below:

Moth Mirror Puzzle LocationMirror LocationMoth Location
Library Annex(Library)Inside the library, head to the second floor, which will be behind some bookcases.Look for the podium near the staircases
Library Annex(Potions Classroom)In the Potions room, head down using the staircase on your left. Open the door next to a Daedalian Cabinet. You will see the mirror near the end of the hallway, which is full of paintings.Just go straight, it is on the troll statue.
Astronomy Wing(Astronomy Tower) In the Astronomy, Wing room, climb the steps till you see the mirror beside the fireplace. Climb the Astronomy Tower, and it will be in front of a blackboard next to the telescope.
Astronomy Wing(DADA) TowerGo straight in front of the Floo Flame You will find this just next to Professor Fig’s Classroom.
Astronomy Wing(Transfiguration Classroom)From the last mirror, turn around and go into the double Doors. The mirror will be on the wall as you go up the stairs.Go to the History of Magic classroom. You will find the Moth in the next room requiring Alohomora.
Astronomy Wing(Transfiguraton Courtyard)Go through the nearest Transfiguration Courtyard door and up the staircase to your left. You will see a door there, go inside it and see green smoke and a mirror nearby. You’ll find it in a room filled with centaur art.
Bell Tower Wing(Hogwarts North Exit)Inside the shed near the Floo Flame.Go to the back of Hogwarts North Exist, you will find it on the left-hand side of the ramparts.
Great HallTurn around and exit the Great Hall, you will see it on the wall to your left.Go to the place where teachers usually sit, you will find it on the podium of the Great Hall.
Great Hall(Viaduct Courtyard)Overlooking the lake, It will in the outer section of the plaza.Go up the steps, it will be at the end of the right-hand side corridor.
South Wing(Clock Tower Courtyard-Floo Flame) Near the Floo, Flame, go to the door next to your right with a level 1 lock.In the courtyard, looking at the back-right corner.
South Wing(Clock Tower Courtyard -Argyllshire) Go through the door next to the Floo Flame. Head to the other wing, and you will find a place called Argyllshire. Now use the Depulso spell above on the button.Look for the girl’s washroom in Argyllshire, the Moth will be there.
Grand Staircase(Slytherin Dungeon)From the Floo Flame, go right and walk till you see the end of the winding corridor. Here locate a suit of armour and look to its right. Go along the dungeon area to locate a moth on the way.
Grand Staircase(Ravenclaw Tower)Go left from the Floo Flame and head to the last of the marble spiral staircase.Now keep going up the same staircase, you will find it near some paintings.
Grand Staircase(Trophy Room)Go to the end of the corridor and climb up to reach a narrow Hallway with a Pheonix gargoyle that goes to eh Headmaster’s Office. You will find the Mirror in this hallway. After getting the clue, go back down the steps, you will see the month on the ceiling just before the Mahgonay Panelings.
Hogsmeade Moth(Hog’s Head)Go to the Hog’s Head Inn just next to the Hogsmeade Eye Chest. Outside Hog’s Head, you will see the Moth on a bunch of boxes.
Hogsmeade Moth(Near the Broom Shop)From, the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame, just go back to the house on the right. Turn around from the Mirro and go to the grassy area behind. You will find the Moth next to the Hogsmeade Eye chest.
Hogsmeade Moth(The Old Fool)Check for an abandoned building in the Old Fool just after the cemetery.You can locate the Moth just beside the wooden Crates at the back of the Old Fool.
Hogsmeade Moth(Water Mill)Go to the water mill on the eastern side of the town Now keep going back into the town, you will find it on top of a lampost.
Hogsmeade Moth(Dogweed and Deathcap)Check inside the Dogweed and Deathcap shop.You will have to go to the chimney, so go outside and climb up the ledges on the right of the shop and look for a chimney.

Apart from puzzles, if you’re wondering how many options there are in Hogwarts Legacy. Check out our guide below here: Hogwarts Legacy: All Potions & Their Effects.

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