Halo Infinite: How To Complete The Campaign On Laso Difficulty

Are you stuck on Halo Infinite Campaign at Laso Difficulty? We have you covered.

Like every campaign and story-based game, Halo Infinite offers you different difficulties you can play the game. To make the game even more challenging, there are certain Skulls you can obtain which change the gameplay even more to give you a better experience. So we have made a complete guide on how you can complete the Halo Infinite Campaign on Laso Difficulty.

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How To Complete Halo Infinite Campaign on Laso Difficulty

Players who can complete the game on Legendary Difficulty with all Skulls turned on will get a rare achievement called “Headmaster.” The Headmaster achievement is one of the rarest achievements you can obtain in the game. The first and foremost trick to complete the game on Laso is avoiding enemies you do not need to kill.

Try to sneak your way out of trouble. It will be helpful and not time-consuming. Use your grapple shot as a tool to get out of situations and enemies you don’t want to engage with. There are different routes all over Halo Infinite, so make sure you make most of the open-world game. Try to scope out and kill long-range enemies first and always take battles from a long-range to lose less health.

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Don’t charge at enemies in the game. Laso difficulty can be pretty challenging, so 1v1 is not recommended. Plasma Weapons in the game do more damage to shielded enemies, and standard weapons do more damage to unshielded enemies. So make sure you have both in your arsenal. Remember to use Powerful weapons scattered throughout the game and use your loadouts that go a particular encounter or mission.

The Bosses can be tough to deal with LASO difficulty, but it is not impossible to kill them. Use your tactics, weapons, and skills to defeat them. The game on LASO difficulty is challenging, but it can be way easier to complete with crafts, tactics, and good choice making.

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