Gunfire Reborn: All Xbox Achievements

Learn how to unlock all the achievements in Gunfire Reborn.

Gunfire Reborn is finally on Gamepass, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. This action-packed roguelite and Co-op FPS shooter will keep you hooked for hours with its enjoyable combat, level designs, boss fights, and massive collection of unique weapons.

As you advance, you unlock new characters with different abilities as well as more unique weapons. Your task in Gunfire Reborn is to fight and shoot through four zones within its levels, filled with enemies and bosses.

Furthermore, all the levels are randomly generated, along with the weapon upgrades you can obtain playing the games. So every playthrough is different and allows you to express your chaotic creativity. Moreover, there are also permanent upgrades to make you stronger for the game’s later stages.

Gunfire Reborn Xbox Achievements
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Gunfire Reborn is one of the best gaming experiences for 2022 with friends. Additionally, being a rogue-lite Gunfire Reborn offers a lot of achievements to unlock on Xbox consoles and Windows. Gunfire Reborn has over 80 achievements to unlock, and many of them unlock automatically as you play because they require repetition of common actions or tasks, as you’ll see soon. Unlocking them is a great challenge no achievement hunters can refuse.

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All Gunfire Reborn Xbox Achievements

Gunfire Reborn has a whopping 86 achievements but only 1000 Gamerscore. So each of the achievements rewards very little Gamerscore.

Achievement NameHow To UnlockGamerscore
First Blood Die for the first time.1G
Death ProofDie 100 times.11G
All for NothingDie when the BOSS has 10% HP or less remaining.5G
Die After RevivalDie within 10 seconds after Revival.6G
Abstracted DriverBe killed by a trap twice in a single game.10G
Lava HellDie from Burning.6G
Lethal GasDie from Decay.7G
Thunder OutrageDie from Shock.6G
Painful DeathDie with over 4,000 copper.12G
ShopaholicBuy 100 items from the Peddler.12G
Generous BossBuy everything at the Peddler.19G
One More TimeSpend over 2,000 copper to Reforge at the same Craftsman.15G
A Penny LeftUnable to purchase any items at the Peddler in a BOSS Stage.10G
Money for NothingPurchase items from 3 Peddlers without spending copper in a single game.11G
Enlightened BeastDefeat Lu Wu for the first time.3G
Slayer of IchthyosaurDefeat Ichthyosaurus Offspring for the first time.6G
Powerful FireDefeat any boss within 10s.16G
Deft MoveDefeat any boss without taking any damage.8G
RookieEquip 1 Occult Scroll.1G
JuniorEquip 10 Occult Scrolls.4G
Field ProficiencyEquip 15 Occult Scrolls.6G
ExpertEquip 5 Legendary Occult Scrolls.7G
MasterEquip 10 Legendary Occult Scrolls.14G
New BeginningEquip 2 weapons.1G
SharpshooterDeal 100 consecutive Crit hits.10G
Tactical SniperKill 1,000 enemies at a distance of 30 meters or more.16G
Savage ButcherKill 1,000 enemies within a distance of 4 meters.13G
Blacksmith’s ApprenticeUpgrade Weapon once at the Craftsman.2G
Just for FunReforge a weapon at the Craftsman.8G
Best EquipmentHave 5 Inscriptions on a Weapon.4G
RamboFire 100,000 ammo.13G
Grenade MasterDefeat 1,000 enemies with Secondary Skill.13G
Dual-Wield EliteWith Ao Bai, have a single Dual-Wield last for over 60 seconds.17G
Energy Orb MasterWith Crown Prince, use Energy Orb to freeze enemies for over 1,000 seconds in total.12G
Happy-Go-LuckyBreak 3,000 Jars.13G
An Eye for DetailDiscover a Hidden Stage for the first time.2G
Elementary UpgradeUpgrade the first Talent.1G
Ultimate GrinderReach Level 100.13G
Chronic DisasterBe affected by Burning, Decay, and Shock in a single game.5G
Burning CityDefeat 1,000 Burning enemies.12G
Poison IvyDefeat 1,000 Decaying enemies.11G
Electromagnetic EffectDefeat 1,000 Shocked enemies.13G
Hallucination PoisonInflict Manipulation Effect on enemies 50 times in a single game.14G
Mad BomberInflict Explosion Effect on enemies 50 times in a single game.6G
Gas AttackInflict Miasma Effect on enemies 50 times in a single game.7G
Combat MedicRevive Teammates 100 times.15G
Easy WinRevived after teammates complete the stages.8G
Team CaptainPass a stage with all teammates being knocked down.9G
Hard FightPass all stages with all teammates being knocked down 10 times or more in a single game.10G
Death of Yoruhime-MaruKill Yoruhime-Maru for the first time.8G
No Way to EscapeBe killed by an Exploding Lantern Spirit.10G
No Place to HideBe hooked 5 times by White Shark in a battle.14G
Crab BuffetKill 30 Fiddler Crabs with Fire DMG in a battle.20G
Wave-like Subtle StepOpen all chests in the trap level without taking damage.10G
Top AthleteOpen all chests in the jumping level.11G
ConquerorComplete Elite difficulty for the first time.11G
Buzzer beaterKill Corrupt Monk before the Exploding Lantern Spirits are summoned.6G
Worm HunterKill 50 Desert worms without taking any damage.15G
Battlefield RadarKill Yoruhime-Maru without taking any damage from Elysian Artillery.11G
Air StrikeWith Qing Yan, kill 5 or more enemies in a single Leap 50 times.25G
Eyes on WeaknessKill 50 Rogue Arsonists by breaking the oil barrels on their backs.15G
EruditionEncounter all elite monsters.14G
Painting MasterUnlock all monsters in the logbook.14G
Victory of Crown PrinceWin a game as Crown Prince.11G
Victory of Ao BaiWin a game as Ao Bai.14G
Victory of Qing YanWin a game as Qing Yan15G
Arms DealerUnlock all weapons.20G
Art of ExplosionKill 100 enemies by Explosive/Corrosive Barrels.10G
Victory of Lei LuoWin a game as Lei Luo.15G
Son of ThunderWith Lei Luo, use Fatal Current for more than 1000 seconds in total.17G
PhilanthropistShare 100 items in total.15G
Lucky DrawObtain a weapon with two or more exclusive inscriptions.10G
Professional AthleteComplete Normal difficulty in 30 minutes.21G
Sports CarComplete Elite difficulty in 30 minutes.27G
The Sky is the LimitComplete Nightmare difficulty in 30 minutes.33G
Fresh StartComplete one Daily Challenge.19G
Master of Daily ChallengeComplete five different Daily Challenges.33G
Legendary ShotDeals more than 300,000 damage in a single hit.15G
Advanced WeaponCarry a weapon whose level is higher than 12.11G
Everlasting MartyrKill Golem for the first time.7G
Raging WindsKill Wind God for the first time.9G
Victory of TaoWin a game as Tao.15G
Sword StormWith Tao, summon more than 10,000 flying swords.17G
Pacified SerpentDefeat Abyssal Serpent for the first time.11G
Drown Into NightmareComplete Nightmare difficulty for the first time.15G
1 Life ClearComplete any difficulty without spending any soul essence to revive.12G
Gunfire Rebon Xbox Achievements

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