Grounded: Black Ant Hill Location

Black Ant Hill is filled with tremendous items and resources for you to go forward in your game in Grounded. This guide will show you the Black Ant Hill locations in Grounded.

The action and survival game Grounded offers both first-person and third-person perspectives. Players are distributed over the Backyard, shrunk to ant size, and in danger from other enormous bugs and insects.

The game features a total of four playable characters. You need food and water to survive and protection from predators like spiders. Therefore, players must collect resources like axes, spears, bows, and arrows to win the game. In addition, there are particular regions or biomes of Ants, especially Black Ants. You will get many resources in those areas that will help you survive.

You can find the Black Ant region far southwest of your Backyard. However, there are some tips and tricks to know about the location of Black Ant Hill.

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Black Ant Hill Location

The Black Ant Hill Location is down below:

Visit South West

First, you must visit the South West part of the Backyard to find the Black Ant region. There you will find two entrance gates of the Hill location;

  • Tash Heap Gate
  • Sandbox Gate

Trash Heap Gate

Trash Heap gate is located in the South West part of the Backyard. This gate can lead you to the Black Ant Hill region. In the Trash Heap gate, you will need to wear a Gas Mask as there is horrible Noxious Gas all over the place from rotten meat and food items.

To get into the gate, you can destroy the rotten items with your Level 2 Insect Axe. You will arrive at the Black Ant Hill region if you pass the gate.

Grounded: Black Ant Hill Location

Sandbox Gate

This gate is located in front of the Trash Heap gate. This gate is located a bit lower in position. You will find enemy insects and other harmful predators like Spiders around this gate. You may find it too difficult to use this particular gate to enter the Black Ant Hill area as the Sandbox gate area has Sizzle Effect and Debuff Effect that can harm you.

Grounded: Black Ant Hill Location

Players can eat Quesadillantion to avoid those effects that harm you in the sun. For more protection, you may go through the Sandbox gate at night as there won’t be sun by night, and you will not feel those effects.

You can get into the Black Ant Hill in Grounded with these locations.

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