Grounded: How To Make A Dew Collector

Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Dew Collector is one of the essential resources to craft in Grounded. You can collect and drink water with the gear and avoid dehydrating yourself. This guide will show you how to make a Dew Collector.

Grounded is a survival and action-based game where you can play as the first person or even third person. Players are shrunk into the size of tiny ants, and they are spread out in the backyard, where there lies danger from other giant bugs and insects.

There are in total of 4 playable characters in the game. You must survive by eating food, drinking water, and avoiding predators like spiders. Resources like axe, spears, bows, arrows, and other survival items must be collected by players to win the game.

Another essential resource is Dew Collector. With it, you can stay hydrated. This Dew Collector is a gear that will help you collect dews (water droplets), and you can drink it up later to bring back your energy.

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Grounded: How to Make a Dew Collector

How To Make A Dew Collector

To make a Dew Collector, you may follow the steps below:

Unlock the Dew Collector

You have to unlock Dew Collector first to make it. To do so, you must;

Silk Rope

Make Silk Rope with Spider’s web found in the backyard. Collect it carefully and craft it into Silk Rope.


Get the Silk Rope in the Filed Station and analyze it.

After you do so, the Dew Collector will automatically get unlocked!

Collect The Fours

After you open it, you must find these items;

  • 5x Crude Ropes: From Plants
  • 5x Silk Ropes: From Spiders’ Webs
  • 6x Weed Stems: Cut some Dandellions to get these from the grounds
  • 8x Pebblets: Use Pebblet Hammer to break some stones

Field Station

Go to Field Station after you collect the items above. Then, select Dew Collector from Blueprint to make it.

After that, the Dew Collector will be made automatically. Place it where you need to collect water.

This way, you can unlock Dew Collector and make it in Grounded.

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