Grounded: How To Unlock Oven

Unlocking Oven in Grounded can help you quickly smelt weapon-making items to craft the weapons later. This guide will show you how to unlock Oven.

You can play the action and survival game Grounded in first-person or third-person perspectives. Players are spread out in the backyard, downsized to the size of tiny ants, and in danger from other enormous bugs and insects.

The game features a total of 4 playable characters. Eat food, drink water, and avoid predators like spiders if you want to survive. Players must gather resources like axes, spears, bows, arrows, and other survival gear to win the game. There are different gears and survival items that you need to cook/bake in the Oven before crafting them.

The Oven is another machine in the game with which you can cook all the ingredients before creating a particular weapon in Grounded. So, for example, you can gather all the items to make the gear and then put all ofOvenm in the Oven to smelt them.

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Grounded: How To Unlock Oven

How To Unlock Oven

To unlock Oven, you may follow the steps below:

Haze Lab

First of all, you must visit the South to Haze Lab. Go there and fight with TAYZ.T and ARC.R bots while going more profound in the Lab. Of course, these bots will try to stop you. But you must fight back and get into the Lab at any cost.

Swim All The Way

When you defeat the bots, you will find yourself in a place with horrifying fungi and water. So swim and swim through that place and go deeper.


Get the BURG.L Chip on a hexagonal table in the Lab after you swim through the way. Then, get the chip with you.

Oak Lab

When you get the chip, come back to Oak Lab with it. After that, you can unlock the Oven and start the process.

Unlock and Craft

BURG.L will have the chip and put the chip inside the place, and Advanced Production Buildings will be unlocked. After that, you must buy this for 4000 RAW SCIENCE.

Following all the steps, you can finally start crafting the Oven. To prepare the Ove, gather the following items;

  • 10x Clay
  • 1x Charcoal Chunk
  • 4x Boiling Glands

Get all these items and put them into the Advanced Production BuildiOven, and the Oven will be unlocked and crafted automatically.

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