Gotham Knights: How to Get Programmable Nanocapsules

Gotham Knights have a fair few crafting materials you need to find. Programmable Nanocapsules are one of these materials. Here is how you can find Programmable Nanocapsules in the game.

Gotham Knights tell a tale of a Gotham without Batman. As the game starts, we see how Batman dies, and a funeral is given off. But because Batman died, the crimes have been increasing in the city. So the four apprentices of Batman take the place to defend this city as Batman was doing.

Being the apprentices of Batman, they are familiar with how to defend the city. They are working on different cases and the ones Batman left behind. At the same time, they will try to track down the killer who killed Batman.

You will need to craft and improve your combat abilities on this journey, especially when taking on more challenging enemies. And for crafting, you need different components. Programmable Nanocapsules are one such component. Here we will show you how you can get it in Gotham Knights.

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How to Get Programmable Nanocapsules in Gotham Knights

Programmable Nanocapsules are very rare materials you can find in the game. This material is directly connected with Harley Quinn. And the mobs related to Harley Quinn, Freaks, are the ones who will drop Programmable Nanocapsules. You can find freaks in any Harly Quinn-related missions.

But you can also find these freak-type enemies in open-world premeditated crime locations. They are particularly common in the map’s North Gotham section, especially in the Bristol, Robinson Park, and Gotham Heights areas.

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