How to Find Freaks in Gotham Knights

Want to know how to find the freaks in Gotham Knights for more and more interrogation? Check out this guide to learn everything about them.

There are quite a several gangs in Gotham. And throughout the city, you will be facing the Freaks the most. These goons are kind of lesser worrying material for the Knights; however, they are quite a headache for the citizens of Gotham. Not like they have some superpowers or something, but they are always ready to get bashed down by the Knights of Gotham.

You will be interrogating them throughout your mission plot from time to time, and they will provide you with something you need to hear. Well, we all know what happens if they do not want to cooperate at first. We kill the…no, we hold them at gunpoint; more precisely, at Bat-fist point.

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How to find the Freaks in Gotham Knights?

At most general, Freaks will just spawn in a random location in Gotham. They will be minding their own business. All you have to do is, take it personally. And that is how you create chaos. In shorter words, explore the map, and you will be facing some good ol’ Freaks in Gotham Knights.

The other way around is looking for the “F” designation on the map. You will find it mainly in Bristol, Robinson Park, Old Gotham, the Financial District, and sometimes even around Gotham Heights. In that designated area, you will find quite a team circling. And that is the first objective done.

Now, observe each of the members of the Freaks, which is apparently one of the easiest things to do in Gotham Knights. The one with the white “?” mark on his head is the one you are looking for. Interrogate him, find out about their crime, and join them, perhaps.

And this is how you can find the Freaks in Gotham Knights and interrogate them without making a fuss. Beat them up. What are they gonna do? Cry out to Gordon?

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