Gotham Knights: How to Find Criminal Strongholds

Gotham Knights have criminal strongholds that you can find and clear. But they don’t always show up on the map. Here is how you can find criminal strongholds in the game.

Gotham Knights let you play as one of the four apprentices of Batman after his death. Batman dies at the start of the game, leaving the apprentices to take his place. We can play any of these four throughout the game and continue the story.

Just because Batman is gone, it’s not like crime has slowed down. The crimes are as active as ever. So it is our turn to pick up the crime-fighting in Gotham where Batman left off. We will find crimes and left-off files that Batman was working on.

One of the exciting things to do in Gotham Knights is the criminal strongholds. But you need to find these first as they are not shown on the map. So here is how you can find criminal strongholds in Gotham Knights.

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How to Find Criminal Strongholds in Gotham Knights

There aren’t many options when it comes to finding these criminal strongholds. They are scattered across the maps but just invisible to the players. The fastest way to find out about the locations of these criminal strongholds is by completing premeditated crimes.

Premeditated crimes are the crimes that show up on the map each night. You can do a few each night, and then you need to reset the night. Completing enough premeditated crimes will reveal the location of criminal strongholds for you to tackle.

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