Gotham Knights: All The Elements

Gotham Knights have a lot of focus on different elemental attacks. So here, we will break down all the elements you can get in the game.

Gotham Knights let you have control over one of the four apprentices of Batman. There are Nightwing, Robin, Red hood, and Batgirl. You can choose who you want to play and swap to any other character whenever you want. And since Batman is dead, it is up to you to take up his place and keep the city safe.

Gotham Knights changed things pretty significantly compared to the Arkham games. Here you focus more on gears, elements, and abilities while in combat. There are different kinds of elements in the game, and the weapons can have these elements attached to them to do elemental attacks.

So it is not hard to see elements are a significant part of Gotham Knights. Here is what each element do and how you can make the most use of every type of element in the game.

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All Elements in Gotham Knights

There are a total of five elements you can find in Gotham Knights. Each boss or enemy has an element they are weak to. So let us see what each element do and where you can use it.

ElementHow it worksWeak Enemies
ToxicBuilds up poison meter on the enemy. Once the meter is full, it deals damage over time.Freaks

Builds up freeze meter. Once the meter is full, freeze enemies in place. Frozen enemies will take more damage.Court of Owls

Builds up an electric meter. Once the meter is full, shock the enemy and stunt them in place.The Mob
IncendiaryBuilds up a fire meter on the enemy. Once the meter is full, it deals damage over time. The enemy will try to extinguish the fire, which can work as a distraction.Mr. Freeze Regulators, Clayface,
League of Shadows
ConcussiveThis is a physical element. Enemies suffering from it are stunned for a time.Regulators,
Harley Queen

Having the right elements in certain fights can make the fight much smoother. So knowing what element to use can become very helpful as you progress through the game.

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