Gotham Knights: Complete Robin Guide

Check out the complete guide on Robin below in Gotham Knights.

After all the speculation, we are finally getting a new game from Warner Bros, which involves the city of Gotham. However, this time, we will not have the most beloved character in DC and the hero of Gotham City, Batman. However, even without him, the city of Gotham still has heroes to protect itself, which involves the Disciples of Batman himself. Players can join Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin, and Nightwing on their adventures of beating bad guys and saving the city of Gotham.

In your journey to setting Gotham free of crime, you must go through different boss fights and enemies. Players must be at their A-game to defeat these enemies, and mastering each character can be challenging. If you are wondering how you should play Robin in the game, we have made a complete guide on Robin in Gotham Knights below. 

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A Complete Robin Guide of Gotham Knights

There are a total of four playable characters you will be able to control and use in Gotham Knights. These characters include Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood. Each of these characters is unique, and they all have different kinds of abilities and playstyles. Moreover, in this article below, we have added everything you need to know about using Robin in Gotham Knights.

Best Playstyle while using Robin

Following the footsteps of Bruce Wayne if you miss playing stealth as Batman. Robin offers exactly that in Gotham Knights. If you want to play as Robin to use his abilities to the fullest, you must be stealthy. As you continue playing with him, you will see his skill sets will add skills that will help him become the knight who attacks from the shadows. 

Using Robin, you can play stealth better than any other character in the game. He has a few abilities similar to Batman’s in other games like Arkham Knight and Arkham Origins. He can string up enemies using grapple points, and he can also use smoke bombs to return to grapple points. Robin can even use exploding decoys to distract enemies inside combat. He is sneaky and elegant, making him a must-use character if you want to play stealth in the game. 

Robin in Warner Bros
Credit- Warner Bros

All Skill Trees for Robin

The Slugger Skill Tree

AbilityDescription How To UnlockPoints To Unlock
Perfect EvadeRobin performs a perfectly timed evade that generates Momentum and allows for a perfect attack follow-up.Unlock the Slugger Skill Tree1 AP
Critical ExpertiseIncreases Robin’s Critical damage by 20%Perfect Evade1 AP
Back Damage PlusRobin deals 20% more damage when attacking enemies from behindPerfect Evade2 AP
Elemental DecoyWhen attacked, Robin’s decoy inflicts much Elemental Effect damage on the attacking enemy.Perfect Evade1 AP
Precise StrikesIncreases Robin’s chance of landing a critical hit by 10%Critical Expertise2 AP
Exploding DecoyRobin’s decoy explodes, leaving behind Elemental residue that deals Elemental Effect damage to any enemy that walks into it.Elemental Decoy2 AP
Elemental FocusRobin’s Critical damage and the chance of landing a Critical Hit increase by 20% on targets with an active Elemental EffectExploding Decoy or Precise Strikes3 AP

Shadow Skill Tree

AbilityDescriptionHow to Unlock Points to Unlock
Light FootedRobins produces no sound while running and moves faster while crouched (Does not apply to while sprinting)Unlock the Shadow Skill Tree1 AP
Stealth Damage PlusRobin’s damage is increased while undetected. Melee and Ranged attacks by +10%. Takedowns and Stealth Strikes by 20%Shadow Renewal1 AP
Turnabout TakedownRobin can perform Takedowns and Stealth Strikes on large enemiesShadow Renewal3 AP
Vintage Hanging TakedownRobin can perform a particular takedown that suspends enemies from a vantage point. While perched on a vantage point, tap the prompt when an enemy is below RobinShadow Renewal
Stealth Damage Plus or Turnabout Takedown
1 AP
Reduced Visual StimRobin is harder to spot, and enemies take longer to notice himVantage Hanging Takedown2 AP
Vantage Hanging Takedown MinePerforming a Vantage Hanging Takedown also drops a proximity mine that lures enemies.Vantage Hanging Takedown2 AP
Shadow RenewalSuccessful takedowns restore 25% of Robin’s healthReduced Visual Stim or Vantage Hanging Takedown Mine2 AP

Tinkering Skill Tree

Ability NameDescriptionHow to UnlockPoints to Unlock
Elemental ChargeElemental Effect build-up inflicted by Robin is increased 25% fasterUnlock the Tinkering Skill Tree1 AP
Sticky PelletIn Precision Aim, Robin’s pellet can stick to surfaces, creating a temporary mine. Placing a second mine deactivates the first.Elemental Charge1 AP
Sticky Pellets x3Robin can place up to 3 sticky pellets at onceSticky Pellet2 AP
Enhanced Sticky PelletsSticky pellets inflict 33% more damage and last up to 10 secondsSticky Pellet2 AP
Elemental ResistanceRobin’s Elemental Effect resistance increases by 40%Sticky Pellets x3 or Enhanced Sticky Pellets2 AP
Elemental BurstWhen Robin deals Elemental Damage, he gains a 5% chance of dealing additional Elemental Damage in an area. Elemental Burst also reduces enemies’ Elemental Effect resistance by 50% for 10 seconds.Elemental Resistance2 AP
Enhanced Elemental EffectsElemental Effects inflicted by Robin last twice as longElemental Resistance2 AP

Best Abilities For Robin

Robin has a range of different kinds of abilities in all three of his skill trees. However, among these trees, only two types of abilities are worth unlocking first. These two abilities are Exploding Decoy and Turnabout Takedown. In addition, Robin has abilities that can cause elemental damage. Fans can use this to their advantage by setting up combos after each ability to stir up more chaos in a fight.

Exploding Decoy can do a lot of damage along with a way to move away from your enemy. Moreover, this Decoy can do elemental damage as it explodes and leaves a residue, which causes additional damage to your enemy if they walk over it. Finally, you can combine this with elements such as freeze, stun, or poison and follow up with more combos to deal massive damage.

Turnabout Takedown is an ability you might remember if you have played the Arkham series. Robin is fast and agile, so taking down big enemies using takedowns could be perfect. Unfortunately, most of these large enemies can be tough to deal with in the game as they are generally much more potent than others. So taking them out using Turnabout Takedown is the perfect usage of this ability. However, ensure they don’t spot you, or you will have to fight them one-on-one.

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