God Of War Ragnarok: Things to do After Finishing

Been a while since we started, and now learn about the things you can do after the Surtr has done his duty in God of War Ragnarok.

So, you have finally finished an epic saga? Yes, we are both confused about what to do about it. However, as the Ragnarok has held upon only in Asgard, other realms seem to be breathing fresh air. Without a doubt, we have a lot to explore, then.

Now, I assume after completing the main sequence, you either want to take a breather or finish till the last drop. Well, needless to say, how many collectibles are there, secrets to unlock, favors, and labors to complete, and whatnot? Based on these tasks, you can do quite a lot of things after you finish God Of War Ragnarok. And that is what I am about to suggest to you today. Hold on!

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Things to Do After Finishing God of War Ragnarok

Seems like both of our protagonists have their own paths to explore from now on. With that saying, Kratos has a quite a long to-do list to accomplish and get that 100% completion trophy; such a veteran thing to do. However, after the end credits start rolling, below are the things you can try out in God of War Ragnarok:

Complete All the Epilogues

There are a total of Three epilogues, or should I say, endings. After you are done with a little father-son moment, you can immediately head for these three sequences:

A Viking Funeral: Talk to Lunda to start this epilogue. Then head for Nidavellir, Svartalfheim. After a short cutscene, head to the Sverd Sands. Complete the rest of the plot.

Defend Your Valor: We have unfinished business with the Valkyrie Queen, Gna. Catch her at The Crucible, Muspelheim. Seal the deal once and for all.

The Remnants of Asgard: There are a total of Ten remnants outspread throughout the Eight Realms. Track them all down and get the last ending as well.

Collect the Yggdrasil Seeds

Head to Sindri’s House. Talk to Ratatoskr, the squirrel. As a token of gratitude, he will give the Yggdrasil Seeds. These can unlock new travel points throughout the Realm, wherever you want. On top of that, you will even get access to new locations; hence, unique collectibles get in the pouch.

Visit Angrboda

Pay a visit to Angrboda in Jotunheim. Have a little chit-chat with her. Eventually, you might get a lot of new information from her. Moreover, Fenrir will be there as well. Pat the old boy and see his responses.

Complete the Crucible

Find all the Berserker Gravestones at first. This will eventually lead you to a hand-to-hand combat against King Hrolf. Now, this guy might be a tough nut to crack. However, Kratos is definitely the bigger nut. Defeat him, and you will get Surtr’s Scorched Armor set as a reward. Worthwhile, I must say.

Explore Vanaheim

Vanaheim is the most diverse Realm of them all. There are many unique bosses, foes, quests, and secrets to unlock. Find any remaining quests regarding that area or simply pay a visit to relax your mind.

The Truth about Tyr

Is he really dead? Is he alive? Who knows? However, there is a lead, and you can find out more about him. First of all, head to the Raven’s Gateway in Niflheim. You will notice a new pathway on the left. Take that, and you will find yourself in a prison. Roam around a bit, and you will get your answer.

And these are the most exciting things you can do after finishing God Of War Ragnarok. And by the way, congrats on your epic journey.

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