God Of War Ragnarok: All Lost Pages Locations

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You might be wondering where to find all the lost pages in God Of War Ragnarok. Hop in!

Lost pages—the name itself seems quite a bit mysterious. However, these are actually pieces of the ancient Nordic manuscript. These contain all the myths of Norse culture. Moreover, the stories that are held in these pages are known to be narrated by an unknown mysterious god from a land far away who embarks on a journey that will cover all the Nine Realms.

In God Of War Ragnarok, we will see a total of Four lost pages that are outspread throughout the Nine Realms. Kratos needs to collect all of these to get complete the Ragnarok chapter. As you can already guess, you better complete the whole game beforehand to go on this quest of finding all the lost pages in God of War Ragnarok.

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All Lost Pages Locations in God of War Ragnarok

Before hitting the spots, know that these Lost Pages are not only for your “everyday” collectibles. You will need these to unlock Relics at the blacksmith. However, you do not need to follow the sequences. You can simply start looking for any of them from the start. Now, let’s head back to our journey.

Lost Page #1

lost pages ragnarok

Location: The Lost Treasury, Midgard

Prerequisite: Complete “Sigrun’s Curse”

At the very first, you will need two pieces of a key to enter the Lost Treasury. You will get the pieces from the Oarsmen Statue and the Derelict Outpost.

After that, head to the Lost Treasury. You will soon notice a cracked floor in front of you. You know the drill. Entering through the cracked floor, you will find one of the Lost Pages of Ragnarok.

Lost Page #2

lost pages ragnarok

Location: The Barrens, Alfheim

Prerequisite: None

Head to The Barrens. On the Northwest part of the map, there will be a Legendary Chest. Moreover, one of Odin’s Raven will be circling there. However, there might be some minions in a playing mood. Clear out the zone and get the page.

Lost Page #3

lost pages ragnarok

Location: The Forbidden Sands, Alfheim

Prerequisite: None

Glad there is another one in the same realm. At first, make your way to the Elven Sanctum. It will be on the Eastern corner of the map, situated in the Forbidden Sands.

You will soon find yourself in a library. There are several rooms and shelves to explore. However, your objective will be on the left side of the entrance. Get the page.

Lost Page #4

lost pages ragnarok

Location: The Wishing Well, Vanaheim

Prerequisite: Complete “Scent of Survival”

The Wishing Well will be in the Northern area of Vanaheim. There are actually two ways you can access the well. You can either take the path by the jungle or get to the well by the Sinkholes.

You are now in the Wishing Well. Work your way to the upward, and you will reach an entrance. The last lost page will just be in front of you.

That is how you can get your hands on all of the Lost pages in God of War Ragnarök. May the Ragnarok bring peace!

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