God of War Ragnarok: How to Fix the Disappearing Armor Set Bug

Learn how to fix the annoying disappearing armor set bug in God of War Ragnarok.

The ‘disciplined’ Ghost of Sparta knows his way around. He is now trying to make Atreus the best version of himself. And with Ragnarok at the corner, Atreus is determined to find out about himself and his destiny, while Kratos accompanies him, knowing his ultimate fate as well.

In the meantime, both of them will meet thousands of creatures to deal with, hundreds of antagonists to deal with. And to stand against them on the ground, both of our heroes need the ultimate protection. Yes, we are talking about the armor, goofball. So what’s the deal then, you ask? Hop in!

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Fix the Disappearing Armor Set Bug in God of War Ragnarok

Already multiple bugs have infested Ragnarok. And one of them is the sudden disappearance of your armor. And with that happening, players don’t seem to find a way to get them back again. Means, once they have disappeared, they disappeared for good.

However, we can vividly remember the same kind of bug in the prequel. And there are a couple of methods to try based on that. As there is no official statement on this, guess we have to use some ‘cool’ power moves of our own. Let’s check these out.

First, try restarting. And by restarting, I mean restarting the whole console. If you need an extra boost, why not plug out the console as well? Now, with a sound mind, launch your console, start the game, and it should do the job.

Secondly, try reloading from the last checkpoint. Precisely, before the time you got the armor set.

Thirdly, uninstall the game and reinstall it. This is the last resort and the Ace card. And we both know that it will take almost the day. Things we do for bugs, thing Jaime Lannister didn’t say.

The job is done here. However, if you want to prevent this from happening again, according to multiple reports, I suggest not putting your console on Rest mode while the game is running. The report also included that the armor disappeared after players picked up the game from the rest mode. Even though it doesn’t make sense at all, just don’t leave it on rest mode while Ragnarok is in action.

And these are the ways you can give it a go to fix the Disappearing Armor Set Bug in God of War Ragnarok. Prosst!

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