God Of War Ragnarok: How To Unlock All Weapon Attachments

Find the ways to unlock all the weapon attachments in God Of War Ragnarok.

Like all the other installments before, Kratos has a lot of variations in the weapon attachments in God of War Ragnarok as well. Until the newest installment, we have encountered Leviathan Ax and the infamous Blades of Chaos. Needless to say, what have we witnessed with the chaos and havoc created with these Blades. However, there is a new addition to his arsenal in Ragnarok.

The new addition is a spear. Precisely, the Draupnir Spear, made of Odin’s Ring, which we will come across eventually. As Kratos said, the spear is the first weapon a Spartan learns to play with.

However, all these weapons add a shield and have different attachments that come with other perks and all. Keep note that each of them has different ways to unlock as well. And that is what we will be discussing today. Hop in!

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All Weapon Attachments in God of War Ragnarok

Leviathan Ax Attachments

AttachmentLevelHow To UnlockPerk
Wooden Knob1By Default
The Furious Maul1Complete “Surviving Fimbulwinter”High luck chance to grant a Gift of Strength on any Axe kill.
Haur’s Lucky Knob2Craft at the start of “The Reckoning”Moderate Luck chance to cause a bonus Stun Blast.
Fortified Frost Knob2Defeat The Hateful in “Quest for Tyr” (Legendary Chest)Holding Triangle to Frost Awaken, the Axe increases Defense and Stagger Resistance.
Stonecutter’s Knob4Craft after completing “The Reckoning”It adds a concussive wave at the end of the Axe Light Attack combo.
Grip of Weighted Recovery4Craft after completing “The Reckoning”Stun Grabbing an enemy provides a Blessing of Cooldown.
Grip of Healing Harmony5Complete Hel Tear in The Gleaming Bale, HelheimWhen the Permafrost skill gauge is fully charged, Axe hits Restore Health, but incoming damage is increased.
Grip of the Fallen Alchemist5Acquire during “Cure for the Dead” in Vanaheim.High Luck chance to get a health burst on any successful hit with the Serpent’s Snare skill.
Runic Hailstone Knob6Giveaway 2x Crystalline Shards in the Cleansing Pool, VanaheimModerate Luck chance of hitting a Frosted enemy to gain a Blessing of Runic.
Banahogg Knob6Behind a wall by the Mystic Gate at Jarnsmida Pitmines, SvartalfheimSuccessful precision throws increase Bare-handed attack damage for a duration.
Grip of Radiant Reflection6Return to Sindri’s house after completing “Unlocking the Mask”Successful Axe Ranged Attacks now generate a charge of the Permafrost skill, with successful precision throws generating even more.
Grip of the Nine Realms6Berserker Gravestone, The Forbidden Sands, AlfheimActivating Glacial Permafrost while Permafrost is full triggers a Realm Shift and one of the best weapon attachments of Ragnarok.
Leviathan Ax Attachments

Blades of Chaos Attachments

AttachmentLevelHow To UnlockPerk
Steel Handles1By Default
Deadly Obsidian Handles1Acquire during “Quest for Tyr” in Aurvangar Wetlands. (Legendary Chest)Low luck chance to grant a Rage Burst on any Blades kill.
Cursed Empress Handles1Defeat The Hateful in “Quest for Tyr” (Legendary Chest)Low luck chance on any Blades hit to grant an increase of Strength and Runic. (Stacks up to 3 times.)
Radiant Warden Handles2Acquire during “Quest for Tyr” in Huldra Brother’s Workshop.While charging Flame Whiplash, incoming Projectile attacks will be missed.
Pommels of Undying Spark2Acquire during “Quest for Tyr” in Jarnsmida Pitmines. (Legendary Chest)Increases the damage that the Burn status inflicts on enemies.
Pommels of Agile Deceit4Craft after completing “The Reckoning”The Spinning Chaos and Evasive Embers evade attack skills and do increased damage and Burn to enemies.
Pommels of Brutal Might4Craft after completing “The Reckoning”Stun Grabbing an enemy grants a Gift of Strength.
Pommels of Burning Unity5Giveaway 6x Crystalline Shards in the Cleansing Pool, VanaheimIncreases all Burn status inflicted by 15% and increases the Immolation skill charge gained when striking a Burned enemy.
Hardened War Handles5Berserker Gravestone, Forbidden Sands. (Legendary Chest)The Hyperion Grapple and Hyperion Pull skills do extra damage and Stun.
Pommels of the True Flame6Craft after reaching Level 6 with the Blades.The damage of the Blades’ Runic Attacks increases when the Immolation skill gauge is fully charged.
Luminous Recovery Handles6Southeast of Mystic Gateway, Nidavellir. (Legendary Chest)Flame Whiplash hits have a Moderate Luck chance to grant a Blessing of Cooldown, restoring more Cooldown if fully charged.
Pommels of the Nine Realms6Berserker Gravestone, Pilgrim’s LandingActivating Furious Immolation while Immolation is full triggers a Realm Shift.
Blades of Chaos Attachments

Draupnir Spear Attachments

AttachmentLevelHow To UnlockPerk
Soldier’s Sauroter4By Default
Hind of Attuned Elements5Defeat the Nightmare ParasitesSpear attacks against Burning or Frosted enemies deal bonus damage.
Charging Assault Sauroter5Return to Sindri’s house after completing “Forging Destiny”The Hoplite Lunge and Phalanx Breaker skills apply more Stun and have a moderate Luck chance to grant an Unstoppable Aura.
Mighty Olympic Sauroter5Behind an ice block beside Tyr’s Temple, Midgard. (Legendary Chest)Detonating thrown Spears has a moderate Luck chance to increase Strength and Stagger Resistance.
Hind of the Four Winds6Defeat Miklimunnr in The Applecore, Svartalfheim.Adds a Concussive Wave to the end of the Spear Heavy Attack Combo.
Warrior’s Echo Sauroter6Return to Sindri’s house after completing “Unlocking the Mask”Spear attacks against Sonic-inflicted enemies deal bonus damage and build bonus Maelstrom skill charge.
Battle-Scarred Sauroter6Return to Sindri’s house after completing “Creatures of Prophecy”Stun Grabbing an enemy grants a Rage Burst.
Hind of Volatile Might6Giveaway 5x Crystalline Shards in the Cleansing Pool, VanaheimElemental Siphon imbued Spears do increased Melee damage, but the siphoned element now fades after a duration.
Hind of the Nine Realms6Behind a wall by the Mystic Gate at Jarnsmida Pitmines, SvartalfheimActivating Maelstrom while Maelstrom is full triggers a Realm Shift.
Hind of Weightless Recovery6Return to Sindri’s house after completing “Creatures of Prophecy”When the Maelstrom skill gauge is fully charged, successful Spear attacks have a moderate Luck chance to grant a blessing of Cooldown.
Lion’s Roar Sauroter6Craft after reaching Level 6 with the Blades.It dramatically increases the Stun damage of the Gale Force skill.
Hind of Deadly Vitality7Defeat the Oath Guard bosses in The Plains.Moderate luck chance to grant a Health Burst on any successful Spear kill.
Draupnir Spear Attachments

Shield Attachments

AttachmentLevelHow To UnlockPerk
Rond of Volition4By Default
Rond of Aggravation5Acquired from a chest during The Weight of Chains, Svartalfheim.High Luck chance to grant a Rage Burst when Parrying.
Rond of Expedition5Defeat Alva inside the Temple of Light in AlfheimGrants a Blessing of COOLDOWN while interrupting double BLUE ring attacks or Parrying.
Rond of Affliction5Inside a cave in The Barrens, Alfheim. (Legendary Chest)Shield Strikes (Double tap Block/Parry Button) Status-Afflicted enemies consume the ailment, causing a damaging elemental explosion.
Rond of Restoration6Acquire during “The Reckoning.” (Legendary Chest)On taking damage, Kratos has the Luck to gain Defense and hit restore Health for his next Shield Strike (Double tap Block/Parry Button). The chance increases with lower Health.
Rond of Purification6Acquire during “The World of Fate.” (Legendary Chest)When Kratos is afflicted with Frost, Burn, Poison, or Bifrost, Shield Strike (Double tap Block/Parry Button) will cleanse the status and deal the element’s damage to the enemies.
Rond of Deflection6Craft from Hulda Brother’s Workshop during “The World of Fate”Increases the timing window on Parries.
Rond of Disruption5Acquire after completing “A Stag for All Seasons”Low Luck chance to create an Elemental Storm (Double tap Block/Parry Button) or Parrying.
Rond of Fortification5Offer Crystalline Shards at the Wishing wellHolding BLOCK for several seconds will trigger a high Stun explosion on the next successful Block or Double Tap Block attack.
Rond of the Nine Realms6Complete “For Vanaheim”Low Luck chance to trigger a Realm Shift, temporarily slowing down surrounding enemies, when Parrying.
Rond of Absorption7Craft after reaching Level 6.The Permafrost, Immolation, and Maelstrom skill gauges increase when Blocking or Parrying.
Rond of Obliteration8Defeat Gna at the Crucible, MusphelheimHold Block for several seconds to charge the shield, then press Block + L3 to fire a volley of Valkyrie shards at enemies.
Shield Attachments

And that is what I bagged for all the weapon attachments in God of War Ragnarok. To the Valhalla!

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