God Of War Ragnarok: Jotunheim Legendary Chests Locations

You might want to know about the legendary chests that are outspread over Jotunheim in God of War Ragnarok.

Legendary chests look cool, and legendary chests have cool items. Moreover, legendary chests are legendary; enough to put a conclusion. And if these chests are outspread throughout the Nine Realms, you know what happens next. *Eivør’s theme intensifies.

Talking about the cool items that Kratos and Atreus can find, there can be Runic attacks, resources, I mean, lots of them, and Amulet Enchantments as well. In this guide, we will be focusing mostly on the legendary chests that are discoverable throughout Jotunheim. Hop in!

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Jotunheim Legendary Chests Locations in God Of War Ragnarok

Now, you might wonder what the fuss is about Jotunheim, specifically. Well, unlike other realms, the in-game mechanics does not track the legendary chests in Jotunheim, and Jotunheim only. On top of that, these are not necessary to complete the game by the full percentage bar.

Well, for full completion or not, these chests are Legendary, and the rewards are worthwhile. So, let’s check the locations for these legendary chests in Jotunheim and what they may contain.

Legendary Chest #1

Location: Ironwood

Contains: Rampaging Ibex (Runic Summon)

Look for a large chain mail under the canopy. After that, find the grapple point. You will have to use the Sonic Arrows to lower it. Cross the gap; on the right, you will find another grapple point. Cross that as well.

On your last point, you will have some nightmares lurking around. Slay them down. The legendary chest will be waiting there for you in the meantime.

Legendary Chest #2

Location: Vimur River

Contains: Runestone Refinement (Companion Accessory)

You are with lovely Angbroda by now. At a point, some Draugrs will attack you while skipping the stones on the river. Clear out the zone first. And then ride on the Jalla the Yak again.

As you start riding again, have a sharp eye on your right side. Eventually, you will see the legendary chest. However, there will be no direct way to access it there. So, first, you will have to head to the left side of the river for a docking point. Then climb up and turn around. You will see a grapple point to reach that area. The chest is all yours.

Legendary Chest #3

Location: Idi’s Sinkhole

Contains: Runic Potency (Companion Accessory)

The longest path you will ever have to take to reach this Legendary chest in Ragnarok. Hold on; it will not take long.

At first, get to the bottom of Idi’s Sinkhole. You will eventually slip and reach into a cave. In front of you, there will be a red plant. Mark that as your starting point.

On the left of the plant, there will be a ledge. Climb on it. You will see a torch. Upon asking nicely, Angbroda will be glad enough to light that up for you. On the left side, there will be another ledge to climb on. You will find a table on top. Take a rest if you want.

Head straight up ahead. At the end of the corner, you will see a torch to fire up. Angbroda will take care of that. Now, climb up the ledge on the right side of the torch. Start moving forward, and eventually, you will come across a rock column. Light the torch on it. From there, head right, and there will be another torch to light up.

Proceed and cross the bridge on your way. Upon reaching the other side, light up the torch. Then move straight ahead. At the end of the tunnel, another torch will be waiting. Do what you do best; light it up.

This torch is actually overlooking the chest. Jump from the ledge, open the chest, get the accessory, and we are done for the day.

And that is what I had for the legendary chests in Jotunheim from God of War Ragnarok. Prosst!

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