God Of War Ragnarok: All Stats Explained

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You might want a clear explanation of all the stats that can be developed for each of your armories in God Of War Ragnarok.

Since the beginning of this Nordic mythology, Kratos got a very little sleep. Just when the objective in Mount Olympus ended, Thor arrived at Midgard to avenge his sons. And since then, we have gotten the confirmation of Ragnarok. However, in the sequel, we see that both father and son, Atreus, have many questions to get the answer. And to get that answer, they need to travel from realm to realm.

However, the path is not painless. They need to face several gods, along with their sidekicks. On top of that, the minions are a disturbance as well. To clear the way out, both the father and the son have a lot to upgrade, a lot to craft, and a lot of skills to learn. And the whole thing is based on various Stats. By upgrading these stats in God of War Ragnarok, Kratos can boost up his weapon’s impacted damage and the vitality of his armor.

And this is all we are gonna talk about today in this guide. Hop in!

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Stats Overview in God of War Ragnarok

There are, in total, Six types of stats in Ragnarok. All of these have different impacts over different weaoponries and armor. The upgrades are visible when you add a scrap to your gear. Let’s get into the depths of these stats in God of War Ragnarok:


Increase damage dealt on all attacks and skills.

The more, the better. Basically, each attack will have an extra boost of strength apart from what already comes with the kit. To play offensive, this is the stat that will matter the most.


Decrease incoming damage

Again, the more, the better. You increase your defense, and you get less impact from all kinds of attacks. Apart from that, dodging and parrying the attack will give you an additional boost. However, if you are still learning the basic dodging and parrying, your playing style should be pretty much defensive, and this is the stat you will focus on the most.


Increase the power of Runic attacks and elemental status damage.

This is more like the magical abilities that your armor and weaponries hold. Upgrading the Runic stat will affect your runic abilities. On top of that, the elemental effects will also get a heads-up. Say, the Runics that are related to Frost attacks will affect Frost status.


Increase max Health and Stagger Resistance.

In plain words, your health increases. Means, your health bar will start getting bigger and healthier. On top of that, your resistance against various stun damage will increase by several fold. This should be recommended as an overall stat for offensive and defensive players.


Gain additional rewards, and activate chance abilities more often.

Luck favors him, who gets the chest first. However, luck also comes in handy while gaining XP from combats, favors, and labors. Moreover, you might get an extra boost with the enchantments equipped. However, how much luck is needed overall is still a mystery. Well, the more, the merrier.


Reduces the wait time for abilities to refresh.

Cooldown reduces the recharging time for the Runic attacks and Summoning. However, cooling down the Enchantments might seem a good choice at first, but I would not suggest this for a late-game strategy. That is why I would suggest keeping a balance and not wasting the XPs that much to build up a high cooldown stat. Moreover, some late-game enchantments can give off an extra built-in cooldown.

And this is all I had for the Stats in  God of War Ragnarök. Prost and to the Valhalla!

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