Gen.G Wins LCK Spring Grand Finals 2023 In A Huge Upset

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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After a sensational series against T1, Gen.G emerges victorious in an upset win.

MSI 2023 is around the corner as the League of Legends esports leagues across the world are at the later stages of their Spring Splits. This year, MSI will be in London for the first time with a new format that will change how we all view the tournament. Moving forward, more major region teams and a better format should be a nice transition for MSI.

The LCK is one of the first leagues to wrap up earlier today. For most of the regular season, T1 was dominant, while Gen.G was trailing them the entire time. Going into the playoffs, T1 was the prohibitive favorite and rightfully so.

For most of the playoffs, that was the case, as well as the first meeting of T1 vs Gen.G. Gen.G made the lower bracket run after losing to T1 and made an upset happen with the Spring Grand Finals 2023 win. Let’s talk a little bit about the series and what is next for both teams.

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T1 vs Gen.G Spring Grand Finals 2023

Gen.G won with a 3-1 score as they really punched T1 in the mouth. In the playoffs, Gen.G has evolved as a team, improving their macro and changing their style. In the playoffs, they were more aggressive against T1 today.

Gen. G came out with a bang with a new approach to their style. The first two games are an example of modern League of Legends of how to snowball hard or how to come back. In game 1, Gen.G took the lead early and snowballed it, while in game 2, T1 had the lead, but Gen.G came back in a Baron fight and won the game through that.

At that point, Gen.G was favored to sweep T1, but T1 bounced back, played a great Game 3 and competed in Game 4 in the early game. However, misplays by T1 and Gen.G playing properly sealed Game 4 and emerged victorious.

Peyz was awarded MVP for the series for his excellent play as a rookie in his first split. Doran was also in the running for that, considering his monstrous first two games on Gragas. Overall, Gen.G’s team play and individual performances were much better, and T1 really never got it going on the day.

Faker and Zeus underperformed, making some critical mistakes that lost them the series as a whole. Thus, Gen.G are deserved winners, winning two LCK splits in a row in the Summer of 2022 and Spring of 2023.

What’s Next For Gen.G and T1?

Both teams are going to MSI 2023, as Gen.G will be the first seed, and T1 will be the second seed. The list of teams going to MSI is in this article. While T1 did not play their best today, we should definitely look forward to them performing in MSI. Meanwhile, this new iteration of Gen.G should make LCK fans happy and make some noise worldwide. LCK is in good hands for MSI 2023.

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