Riot Just Pushed Big Surrender Changes in League of Legends Patch 13.7

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

New surrender changes just went live in Patch 13.7.

League of Legends is quite enjoyable, with over 160 champions to choose from, as well as fantastic game mechanics and a rather rewarding gameplay cycle.

That said, fun as it may be, the game has some problems. And one of its biggest problems is player frustration. The biggest reason for such frustrations has been to continue playing in an unwinnable situation. That’s why the Surrender system exists.

Surrender is a method that allows participants to vote on whether or not to forfeit a game. At certain times, a player can call a surrender vote, and if the majority or all players agree, the team may forfeit the game.

But, since its introduction, the surrender vote system has been one of the most frustrating systems in the game. It was designed as a quick method to escape one-sided games and alleviate player frustration. Still, due to certain significant flaws in its implementation, it has become a cause of bitterness for some players. Although Riot eventually implemented the remake method to address these flaws, it remained insufficient.

However, Riot indicated earlier this year that they want to resolve the issue and make adjustments to the surrender mechanism. However, while some of the adjustments were implemented in Patch 13.2, they were only applied to normals. With a new statistic coming out after months of testing, Riot is bringing the changes to ranked.

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FF at 15 Minutes

Previously, if a player wanted to surrender before 15 minutes, they needed to get all five votes. Now, with this new system, from 15 minutes onward, they can surrender with four out of five votes.

The changes may not appear to be significant, but they are. Many games in the current meta are frequently decided in 15 minutes or less. If a late-game champion snowballs early or a team loses early with an early-game composition, it’s extremely difficult to recover. As a result, the majority of players in this circumstance choose to surrender and go on to the next game.

But due to the unanimous nature of the surrender vote system, it was hard to pull off. Many players will just hold the lobby hostage or refuse to surrender even if the other players are hesitant to continue the game. But now, players will be allowed to surrender early with four out of five votes starting with Patch 13.7, resulting in fewer frustration and hostage situations.

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