Riot Reveals 97% of Early Failed Surrender Vote Games are Lost in LoL Ranked

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot has unveiled a damning statistic that 97% of the Early Failed Surrender Vote Games are lost in Ranked.

Summoner’s Rift has been the staple game mode for League of Legends since the game’s inception. A huge chunk of the players gets into either Normals or Ranked for the map. While ARAM and TFT have gained a lot of traction over the years, Summoner’s Rift is still the most-played map in League of Legends.

Part of it is due to the influence Esports has on players as they want to recreate the awesome moments that they witness. Also, given it is the first of the original maps of League of Legends, people have an attachment to them. Ranked serves as another motivation as rewards and such always incentivize players to dip into that. Clash also fits that bill considering you need to have a rank to participate.

The Ranked rewards and structure have changed for Season 13 as there are more goodies up for grabs and more Victorious Skins. Since the start of the season, Ranked has undergone a few changes like the LP changes to speed up the ranking. Now, Riot has revealed a new statistic supporting the small change in surrender rules made in Riot. Brace for it, as it is shocking.

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Early Failed Surrender Vote Statistics

According to Riot, 97% of the games that failed early surrender votes are lost. This means a lot of hostage-taking occurs as players lose games if the surrender does not go through. It was expected that the number would be high, but 97% is staggeringly high. It is not like you can isolate it to separate ranks and address that. However, this is a game-wide issue as Riot combats it.

Riot Phreak explained the context in his patch rundown, as well as Riot Phroxzon clarified the changes further. It seems Riot Phroxzon did a deep dive on the numbers as he talked about the following points.

  • If a game ends before 21 minutes, 90% of players are being kept hostage before 20 minutes ends.
    • 45% of those games surrender at 20 minutes.
    • 50% end naturally by 20 minutes.
  • 80% of the games resolve in 25 minutes
  • 30 min+ games have a 10% winrate.
  • 40 min+ games have a 45% winrate (but low incidence).

These data indicate a very low win rate if the games go longer, but a huge chunk of players are being kept hostage. So about 45% of those games continue until the unanimous surrender is no longer applicable, and the rest just end due to the enemy team closing out.

Even with players carrying on with the game itself, only 10% of those games are winnable at 30+ minutes. While 40+ minutes games have a relatively high win rate, those occur way less. Thus, it is expected that Riot to act on it.

Riot Phroxzon talked about this being a behavioral issue as well, with players being kept hostage. So Riot will address those in terms of system changes. However, the change in Patch 13.7 to lift unanimous surrender will come live on 7th April. Hopefully, it will improve the player experience, and Riot will do more work on it.

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