Riot Changing Surrender Rules for Normals in Patch 13.2.

Riot plans to address the frustrating pre-20-min surrendering experience in Patch 13.2.

League of Legends is a fun game, but it can sometimes be frustrating. One of the biggest reasons for such frustrations is having to continue playing in an unwinnable situation. That’s why the Surrendering system exists.

Surrendering is a mechanism in which players may vote whether or not to forfeit a game. At certain times, a player can call a surrender vote, and if the majority or all of the players agree, the team may relinquish the game. It’s an important component of the game, and Riot has been working to improve it for a long time by adding new features like Early Surrender and Remake.

However, the system has some flaws, particularly in the case of surrendering before the twenty-minute mark.

Currently, all five players must agree to surrender to forfeit the game before twenty minutes. This is not the case for post-twenty-minute surrender since just four players must agree to surrender effectively. This can result in hostage situations since a single no vote can halt the early surrender procedure and cost the other four players 5-10 minutes.

It has been a significant issue for years, plainly frustrating many players. As a result, Riot intends to fix the issue and make changes to the surrender mechanism in Patch 13.2.

Riot Auberaun, the League of Legends Game Loop producer, announced the Surrender changes on his Twitter page.

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What are the changes?

With the Patch 13.2 changes, players can pass a surrender vote with four out of five yes votes instead of all five yes votes from minute fifteen in normal games only. Additionally, The early unanimous surrender will be removed.

The changes, although implemented in normals, are very big. It will lessen some player frustrations and remove the surrender hostage situations.

Will the changes be coming to Ranked?

It’s currently unclear if the changes will be coming to ranked game modes. According to Riot, the changes might be potentially disruptive for ranked games, so they will take it slow and gather more data first.

Release Date

The new surrender vote changes will be shipping to the live server on Patch 13.2, which will be released on Tuesday, Jan 24th, 2023.

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