Gangplank is getting a mini-rework on LoL patch 11.17

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot Games officially confirms that Gangplank is getting mini-rework type changes on League of Legends patch 11.17.

Because of him having a high skill cap, Gangplank always has a solid player base in League of Legends. However, over the last few patches, especially after the new Mythic and Legendary items, his presence in the soloq dropped quite significantly. On top of that, he also didn’t receive any kind of major balance update in season 11, and the last time when he received proper changes was back in patch 9.5.

As a result, currently, Gangplank only has a 47.47% win rate at the Top lane which is one of the lowest among any other top lane champions. Moreover, he also has a 3.4% pick rate and a 1.5% ban rate in Plat+ Elo. Even though he has a 10% presence in the pro games, his win rate is just 45.9%.

Riot Games brought some great mini-rework in 2021 for the champions who are pretty underwhelming in the current meta. On patch 11.17 alone, both Amumu and Lucian are scheduled to receive their own mini-rework.

And for Gangplank, last month Riot teased that they were taking a look into him to buff his late game. But now, League of Legends’ Lead Game Designer Riot Jag has officially confirmed that Gangplank is also getting a mini-rework on patch 11.17.

Gangplank Changes

  • Passive – Trial by Fire:
    • Move Speed: 30% >>> 15-30% by level
  • Q – Parrrley:
    • [NEW]: Counts as a ranged basic attack
  • E – Powder Keg:
    • [NEW]: Benefits from Critical Strike at 125% effectiveness
    • Max Barrels: 3 at all ranks >>> 3/3/4/4/5
    • Recharge Time: 18/16/14/12/10 >>> 18/17/14/15/14

In this mini-rework, Gangplank’s Q will now count as a ranged basic attack. And the most important change is his new E where it will now have 5 Barrels at max level.

Release Date

Gangplank mini-rework is going to release on League of Legends patch 11.17, Aug 25, 2021. Lucian and Amumu’s mini-rework is also scheduled to release on the same patch.

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