Fortnite Dynamic Bundle Gifting: How it Works

Epic Games just introduced dynamic bundle gifting in Fortnite to make it easier for players to gift in-game items to their friends.

Previously, it was cumbersome for players to gift items from a bundle if their friend already owned some of the items from that bundle. To make the whole gifting process simpler, Epic Games added a system called “dynamic bundle gifting”.

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This system would allow players to only gift items that are not currently in their friend’s inventory. Therefore, it makes the whole experience more streamlined. And you won’t have to guess if your friends already own some items from a specific bundle or not.

The gifting experience simplified

Moving forward, if your friend already owns items in a certain Bundle, you can gift them everything in the Bundle besides those items.

New Gifting UI

The whole gifting UI also received a complete overhaul.

According to leaks, in the 16.50 update, six new skins will be added to the game alongside some other big-name collaboration skins from the DC universe. It’s no wonder why Epic is making it easier for players to gift items to their friends. It encouraged players to gift more via the Fortnite item shop.

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