NBA Pro Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell’s Fortnite Locker Bundle Release Date Leaked

Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell’s Fortnite locker Bundles are releasing soon.

Fortnite Locker Bundles are a regular thing now as many Fortnite content creators and pros are getting their very own locker bundles. Already we saw the addition of NickEh30, Piz0, Squattingdog, Loeya, SypherPK, and many others. Fortnite pros like BenjyFishy, EpikWhale, Reverse2k, and many others also got their locker bundles.

At first Fortnite fans thought that the locker bundles were only available for Fortnite pros and content creators. But soon they realized Epic is giving Fortnite locker bundles to popular mainstream celebrities and even sports personalities. Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson recently got her own locker bundle as well.

Justin Jefferson was the first NBA pro to get his locker bundle and emote in Fortnite. Now two more NBA pros are getting their locker bundles soon. They are Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell.

Recently Fortnite leakers were able to find out the release date for these two locker bundles.

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NBA Lockers Release Date:

ShiinaBR, a prominent Fortnite leaker recently shared the release date of these two locker bundles. According to Shiina, “The NBA Locker Bundles will be available on May 25!”.

As with all leaks, take this one with a grain of salt as well. But there is a high probability that these bundles come to the Fortnite item shop on May 25 as hype regarding Basketball is high because of the Fortnite x NBA community battle that’s currently going on.

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