Fortnite NFL Justin Jefferson Locker Bundle Leak: Skins and Emote Showcase and Release Date

NFL player Justin Jefferson locker bundle was recently leaked.

Fortnite Locker Bundles are a regular thing now. Previously only Fortnite pro players and streamers got their very own locker bundles in Fortnite. But recently Fortnite is also giving locker bundles for celebrities and internet personalities. Just a few days ago we had the Brie Larson Locker Bundles in Fortnite.

Now it seems like Justin Jefferson from NFL will get his very own locker bundle in Fortnite. Justin Jefferson is an American Football player for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL). But seems like apart from playing Football he also has an interest in Fortnite.

Recently a Justin Jefferson Locker Bundle was leaked by Fortnite data miners. He will be the first NFL player in history to get his Locker Bundle in Fortnite.

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Justin Jefferson Locker Bundle:

Locker Bundle Release Date:

The Locker Bundle will arrive in the Fortnite item shop on April 28th,2021. Players can buy the locker bundle for a discount price.

Bundle Items:

The Locker Bundle will have the following items:

– Hit Man Outfit
– Hit Me backbling
– Get Griddy & Signature Shuffle
– Weathered Gold Pickaxe
– Arcade Kid Wrap

Get Giddy Emote:

Jefferson’s famous celebration will also be coming as an emote. The emote is called “Get Griddy” and will also be in the Fortnite item shop on April 28th along with the locker bundle. Below you can see the video of the Get Griddy emote-

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