Former CSGO pro Relyks joined Cloud9’s pro VALORANT roster after Tenz

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: u/Nicotovillas

Skyler “Relyks” Weaver officially joined Cloud9’s pro VALORANT roster with the likes of Tenz.

Relyks is a former counter-strike player that decided to jump ship to VALORANT. Before joining C9 as a member of their professional VALORANT team he played for teams like TSM and a handful of other mid-tier teams as their AWPER. After seeing VALORANT as the new competitor to CSGO, he decided to go with the flow and join a pro team.

VALORANT is already receiving so much attention from tier-1 organizations as they think VALORANT might be the next big esports in the making. Teams like T1 and TSM have already made a pro roster consisting of talents like Brax, AZK, Skadoodle, Sinatraa, etc. And there is already an unknown quantity of pro teams that are coming out of China almost every single day.

Cloud9’s VALORANT roster:

C9 Relyks

Relyks c9 valorant
Image via prosettings

C9 Tenz

TenZ Valorant C9
Image via GamePros

Right now C9 only has two members in their active lineup. It wasn’t a big shock to anyone that Relyks joined C9 as the pair were seen practicing together on multiple occasions on Twitch. C9 still hasn’t announced anything further on who might be joining the team next.

Although some members in the VALORANT community think that tier-1 orgs are currently hiring too many b-tier CS:GO players to fill up their teams in order to compete. Usually, the esports scene in any game builds up slowly over time. Very few games get the amount of hype that VALORANT got when it released its closed beta.

Even after getting all the attention from tier-1 organizations like T1, TSM, etc, VALORANT still hasn’t settled itself in properly to call itself esports ready. There are so many missing features in its spectator mode that makes it hard to watch any live tournaments. However, Riot did claim that they will be working to add all the necessary features to make VALORANT worthy of being called a tier-1 esports title.

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