Guide to Viper’s toxic wall placement on Ascent’s B site in VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

In the latest patch in VALORANT, Viper received some much-needed buff with some of her utilities.

The new buff to Viper’s toxic screen now allows her to place her toxic emitters through walls. This along with some other changes to her Snake Bite has made her quite compelling to players in the high ELO. Before the update, her toxic screen was not deplorable through walls. Although the new update has changed that and created more opportunities to place her smoke to block your opponent’s vision.

Now, Viper’s toxic screen can be placed as a one way execute to either take or fake a site. The new addition to her smoke wall creates a lot of new wall placement opportunities that were previously impossible.

Example of a one way execute on Ascent:

Toxic screen combined with a perfectly placed snake bite will now enable Viper players to literally take back a site alone. The introduction of “fragile” debuff that would double the damage taken from your opponents will make it harder for players to push through Viper’s smoke and retake the site.

VALORANT Guides Smokes and Walls on Ascent
Image via gamerjournalist

The new changes to Viper’s snakebite and the toxic screen will make her more viable in the high tier competition from now on. Since Riot already enabled ranked competitive matchmaking in VALORANT, players are already experimenting with new wall placement for Viper’s toxic screens.

Before this patch, Viper was always at the bottom of every agent tier list. However, the story is certainly starting to change. As Riot finally decided to become serious with their balancing, agents like Sage are getting continuous nerfs. Meanwhile, Viper is finally becoming more prominent in high tier games.

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