China is already doubling down on VALORANT as they have more pro teams than NA, Europe, Brazil and South Korea combined

China is already gearing up for VALORANT

Riot’s first entry into the whole tactical shooter genre has caught the attention of every major region around the world.

Even though China did not have access to the closed beta of VALORANT, they already have more pro teams than all the other major regions combined. With China’s dominance in all the major Esports around the world, especially with all the recent achievements in the League of Legends scene, it was not that surprising. China is already dominating League of Legends, as in the recent history LPL has been the most dominating league in Asia, even surpassing Korea as the new powerhouse region in League of Legends.

VALORANT china pro teams
Image via The Esports Writter

China’s dominance in Esports

After analyzing all the infrastructure advances that China has made in recent years, it is not that surprising that they are now dominating all the major Esports. Therefore when VALORANT was announced to be the next big thing from Riot Games, they really doubled down on making the pro scene to be up there with the rest of the world.

When it comes to FPS games like CSGO, R6, Fortnite, etc, China is still not up there with the rest of the world. As China’s pro-CSGO scene is not what we expect from China, VALORANT can be the next platform where they can assert their dominance.

The biggest advantage that Riot has in China is that VALORANT will likely be available to play in all the PCs that already have League of Legends client installed. Since China already have a pretty good networking infrastructure all set up in China, the rollout of VALORANT in China Will likely be way less cumbersome. So, any curious individual will get easier access to VALORANT than games like CSGO.

Riot will also take advantage of the relationship they already have with China as they are owned by Tencent, one of China’s biggest multinational conglomerate company. VALORANT will be more appealing to China, which in turn, might push them to be the next big thing in Chinese Esports. Judging by how much they are already investing in the scene, China will surely be up there at the top with all the major regions around the world.


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