Headshots are not registering when a player crouches after the new patch in VALORANT

Hitboxes are broken again!

VALORANT’s new patch came with a lot of fixes to the previous bugs in the game.

While fixing previous bugs, Riot seems to have added some new ones in the process. Apparently players are having a hard time hitting headshots after the new update went live. As of now, headshots not registering properly whenever a player crouches. If you ever played a round of VALORANT, you already know how hard it is to get an accurate headshot in this game.

After taking a closer look at this clip, it is pretty clear that something is not right. VALORANT players are already flooding every social media platform with clips like these. And sending them directly to the devs at Riot Games.

Hit boxes are broken again?

Image via Riot Games

It was not a long time ago when the VALORANT community was furious with Riot regarding broken hitbox issues in the game. Since the game was still in the closed beta, players were waiting for the official release to fix every known issue in the game. Although the official update did iron out some of the common hitbox issues where bullets weren’t registering properly.

However, the new patch that was supposed to fix all the previous bugs now introduced us to some new ones. Furthermore, players are also complaining about how the new update is confusing players into believing that they made a headshot with clear audio cues but the game is not registering them as headshots.

If you were experiencing the same issue after the update went live then you are probably not imagining things. There is a good chance that your shots are not properly registering as valid headshots. Since VALORANT is a tactical shooter where time to kill and headshots are essential, this new bug is making players furious. Riot should take a good look at these new bugs and fix them as soon as possible.

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