Flash on D or F? A comparison between pro players from different regions in 2020

One of the oldest League of Legends fights among players is whether you should put your Flash on D or F. Many payers have gone into a bloodbath on comment wars in many articles in the past.

As many League of Legends players ship pro players, we will be taking a look at what pro players from different regions are taking their flash on, in 2020.

LCS Pro Players

Thanks to VISUM for this LCS data.

TopJungleMidBotSupportFlash on DFlash on F
C9Licorice: DBlaber: DNisqy: DZven: DVulcan: D50
FLYSolo: D/V1per: DSantorin: DPOE: DWildTurtle: DIgNar: D60
EGKumo: DSvenskeren: FJiizuke: DBang: FZeyzal: D32
TSMBroken Blade: DDardoch: FBjergsen: DKobbe: FBiofrost: D32
100Ssumday: FMeteos: Fry0ma: FCody Sun: FStunt: F05
IMTsOAZ: FXmithie: FEika: DApollo: D/Altec: FHakuho: F24
DIGHuni: FAkaadian: D/Grig: DFroggen: DJohnsun: Daphromoo: F42
TLImpact: DBroxah: DJensen: DDoublelift: D/Tactical: DCoreJJ: D60
GGSHauntzer : DCloser: DGoldenglue: FFBI: Dhuhi: D/Keith: F42
CLGRuin: FWiggly: DPobelter: D/Crown: DStixxay: F/Wind: FSmoothie: D43
D: 7, F: 4D: 7, F: 4D: 9, F: 2D: 7, F: 6D: 7, F: 43720

From 57 LCS pro players, 37 pro players are taking their Flash on D which is 64.7%. And 20 players are taking their Flash on F which is 35.1%.

All the players on Cloud9, FlyQuest, and Team Liquid are taking their flash on D. And all the players on 100T are taking their Flash on F.

LEC Pro Players

Thanks to seuldeeobs for LEC data.

TopJungleMidADCSupportFlash on DFlash on F
G2 EsportsWunder : FJankos : FPerkZ : DCaps: FMikyx: F14
FnaticBwipo : DSelfmade : DNemesis : FRekkles: DHylissang : D41
OrigenAlphari : DXerxe : FNukeduck : DUpset : DDestiny: D41
MAD LionsOrome: DShad0w: FHumanoid : DCarzzy: DKaiser: D41
Misfits GamingDan Dan : FRazork: DFebiven : DBvoy: Ddenyk: D41
RogueFinn : FInspired : FLarssen : DHans sama : DVander : F23
Excel EsportsExpect : FCaedrel : FMickey : FPatrik : DTore: D23
FC Schalke 04Odoamne : FGilius: D / Lurox: FAbbedagge : FFORG1VEN: F / Innaxe : DDreams : F25
SK GamingSacre : D / Ventair: FTrick : FJenax : FCrownshot : FLIMIT: D24
Team VitalityCabochard : FSkeanz: DSaken: D / Selfie: DComp: DJactroll : D / Steeelback: D61
D: 4 F: 7D: 4 F: 7D: 7 F: 4D: 8 F: 3D: 8 F: 33124

From 55 LEC players, 31 LEC pros are taking their Flash on D which is 56.4% and 24 players are taking their Flash on F.

LCK Pro Players

Thanks to seuldeeobs for this LCK data.

TopJungleMidADCSupportFlash on DFlash on F
Gen.GRascal: DClid: FBdd: DRuler: DKellin: F / Life: F33
T1Roach: F / Canna: FCuzz: F / Ellim: FFaker: FTeddy: DEffort: D25
DragonXDoran: FPyosik: FChovy: F / Quad: FDeft: DKeria: F15
KT RolsterSoHwan: F / Ray: FbonO: D / Malrang: FKuro: DAiming: FTusiN: F25
Afreeca FreecsKiin: FSpirit: F / Dread: FFly: F / All iN: FSS: F / Mystic: FJelly: F / Ben: D18
DAMWON GamingNuguri: DCanyon: FShowMaker: FNuclear: F / Ghost: FHoit: F / BeryL: F16
SANDBOX GamingSummit: F / Lonely: DOnFleek: F / Punch: FDove: F / FATE: FLeo: F / Route: FGorillA : F / Joker: D28
Hanwha LifeCuVee: FHaru: FTempt: F / Lava: FVsta: D / Zenit: FLehends: F16
APK Princeikssu: FFlawless: FKeine: F / Cover: FHyBriD: D / Trigger: FSecret: F / Mia: F17
GriffinSword: D / Hoya: DTarzan: FUcal: F / Naehyun: FViper: FIrove: F25
D: 5 F: 9D: 1 F: 13D: 2 F:14D: 5 F: 10D: 3 F: 121658

LCK is the only region where the majority of the players are taking their Flash on F which is around 78.4% and only 21.6% players are taking their Flash on D.

LPL Pro Players

Thanks to seuldeeobs for this LPL data.

TopJungleMidADCSupportFlash on DFlash on F
eStarXiaobai : DWei : FCryin : DWink : FShiauC : D32
Invictus GamingTheShy : DNing : F / Leyan : FRookie : FPuff : DSouthwind : D33
FunPlus PhoenixKhan : D / GimGoon : DTian : FDoinb : FLwx : DCrisp : D42
Top Esports369: DKarsa : Fknight : DPhotic : DQiuQiu : F / yuyanjia : F33
Royal Never Give UpLangx : FXLB : FXiaohu : DUzi: F / Betty : DMing : F24
JD GamingZoom : F / 705: FKanavi : DYagao : DLokeN : FLvMao : D33
Oh My GodCurse : FH4cker : Dicon : DSmlz : Fcold : D32
Team WEMorgan : Fbeishang : DPlex : F / Teacherma : FJiumeng : DMissing : F24
EDward GamingJinoo : D / xiaoxiang : D / Aodi : FJiejie : F / JunJia : DScout : FHope : DMeiko : D53
LNG EsportsFlandre : DXx : DMaple : DAsura : F / Light : DDuan : F42
SuningBin : D / Biubiu : DSofM : DAngel : DWeiwei : D / huanfeng: FSwordArt : F52
Vici GamingCube : DChieftain : F / Aix : FForge : D / Zeka : FiBoy : DMaestro : D / Hang: D53
Bilibili GamingKingen : F / ADD : FMeteor : DFoFo : DJinjiao : DXinMo : D42
Rogue WarriorsHolder : F / Crazy : FHaro : F / WeiYan : DWuming : D / Ruby : FZWuJi : FLey : D35
LGD GamingCult : F / Lies: FPeanut : DYuuki : FKramer : FChance : F / Killua: D25
Dominus EsportsNatural : F / Melody: Dbless : F / Xiaopeng : Dxiye : F / Xiaowei : DGALA : DMark : D53
Victory FiveAliez : Dxiaohan: D / polaris: D / Daylight: DMole: Fy4: DMax: D / clx : F62
D: 12 F: 8D: 13 F: 11D: 11 F: 10D: 13 F: 8D: 13 F: 136250

From 112 LPL players, 62 pro players are taking Flash on D which is 55.4% and 50 players are taking Flash on F which is 44.6%.


Beside LCK, the majority of pro players from the other three major regions are taking their Flash on D. LPL and LEC have a mixer of taking Flash on D and F. And the majority of the pro players in LCS are taking their Flash on D. LCK being the only major region who have a higher percentage of taking Flash on F.


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