All The Flame Mission Locations: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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If you are looking for Peter Parker exclusive missions, here are all The Flame Mission Locations in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features a rich storyline for the players to experience. Playing as the Spider-Man from New York, the game offers some very interesting missions that the players must complete. These missions require the players to complete several activities, like defeating enemies, solving puzzles, rescuing civilians, chasing enemies, and many others.

There are two playable characters in Spider-Man 2, and you can switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales during the game. However, there are some character-specific missions for both of these characters. The Flame missions are one such questline that is exclusive to Peter Parker only, meaning you can only complete these missions while playing as Peter Parker. In today’s guide, we will take a look at all the Flame Mission locations in Spider-Man 2.

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All The Flame Mission Locations

To unlock the first The Flame mission, you must complete the Amends quest from the main questline. There are a total of four The Flame missions in Spider-Man 2. Completing all these missions will unlock Trophy: Crimson Hour and Suit: Saving Lives trophies for the players.

Mission 1: Where Have You Been?

where have you been location
Credits: Insomniac Games

The Where Have You Been? mission takes place in the Financial District. During this mission, you must locate and rescue trapped people in a building in the Financial District. You will receive a reward of 1000 EXP, x2 Hero Tokens, and 200 Tech Parts upon completing this mission.

Mission 2: Everything Burns

everything burns location
Credits: Insomniac Games

The Everything Burns mission is located in Chinatown and will unlock after Wraith makes a call. You will get 1200 EXP, x4 Hero Tokens, and 250 Tech Parts after completing the Everything Burns mission. The mission requires you to scan through a building and defeat the enemies inside it.

Mission 3: I Knew You Had It in You

i knew you had it in you location
Credits: Insomniac Games

I knew You Had It in You mission is located in the Astoria area. The mission starts on the rooftop of the building and progresses as you scan through the building and defeat the enemies. After completing this mission, you will be rewarded with 2000, x6 Hero Tokens and 300 Tech Parts.

Mission 4: It Was Meant For Me

it was meant for me location
Credits: Insomniac Games

The last and final mission of The Flame mission is It Was Meant For Me, which is located in Williamsburg. The mission requires you to defuse some bombs and defeat the enemies. You will get 3000, x8 Hero Tokens and 400 Tech Parts as a reward for completing this mission.

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