Top 5 Best Gadget Upgrades: Spider-Man 2

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Do you want to web up your game? If the answer is yes, you need to check out the ranking of top 5 best gadget upgrades in Spider-Man 2.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you get to play with a wide arsenal of gadgets. But it can be overwhelming for you to know which gadgets you should prioritize and upgrade. Moreover, it’s essential for you to use gadgets and upgrade them to get the most out of combat.

Let’s ask you: how many gadget upgrades are there in Spider-Man 2? Well, there are five gadget upgrades available in the game so far. For those unfamiliar, gadgets in Spider-Man 2 provide Spidey with special abilities and attacks to take down enemies.

As you level up, you can upgrade each gadget, increasing their power and effectiveness. Choosing which ones to upgrade can completely change your combat style and options. No need to break a sweat, as I got you covered. Here, I’ve broken down the best gadget upgrades on which you should focus early in Spider-Man 2.

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Best Gadget Upgrades in Spider-Man 2

5. Ricochet Web

Ricochet Web in Spider-Man 2

How It Works: The Ricochet Web fires a shot that bounces between multiple enemies, webbing them up. It’s great for crowd control and can web up groups efficiently.

Best Upgrades:

  • First, increase capacity to carry more shots.
  • Then, upgrade kinetic translation to push enemies farther back once webbed.
  • After that, get increased potency for more bounces between enemies.
  • Finally, acquire split shot to hit even more targets on each ricochet.

Upgrade Path: Focus first on capacity, then kinetic translation and potency before split shot.

4. Upshot

Upshot in Spider-Man 2

How It Works: What’s Upshot? Nothing, what’s up with you?…forget it. Upshot fires energy bursts that suspend enemies in the air helplessly. This leaves them vulnerable to air combos.

Best Upgrades:

  • Start with the increased capacity upgrades to use Upshot more often.
  • Then, get heavy pop up to affect brutes as well.
  • After that, upgrade firepower to shoot more projectiles per volley.
  • Finally, acquire projectile launch for an extra knockback burst.

Upgrade Path: You need to prioritize increased capacity first, then heavy pop up, firepower, and projectile launch.

3. Concussion Blast

Concussion Blast in Spider-Man 2

How It Works: The Concussion Blast emits a sonic wave that knocks back enemies. It’s great for crowd control and disarming enemies.

Best Upgrades:

  • Upgrade the radius first so it hits more enemies. Then increase the knockback range, so foes get thrown farther back, giving you breathing room.

Upgrade Path: First get the wider radius, then extended knockback range.

2. Web Shooters

Web Shooters in Spider-Man 2

How They Work: Your trusty Web Shooters are key for both offense and defense. Upgrade them to increase your ammo capacity and refill rate.

Best Upgrades:

  • The first two upgrades to focus on are Increased Capacity I & II, to carry more web fluid. After that, get the Improved Recharge Time upgrades to refill faster during combat.

Upgrade Path: You must get Increased Capacity I & II first, then Improved Recharge Time.

1. Web Grabber

Web Grabber in Spider-Man 2

How It Works: The Web Grabber is a new gadget in Spider-Man 2 that reaches out and pulls together multiple nearby enemies, leaving them clumped and vulnerable. It’s an extremely useful crowd control tool, especially once upgraded.

Best Upgrades:

  • The first upgrade players should get is Bombard, which also pulls in nearby objects like barrels to deal extra damage. With this, a well-timed Grabber can knock out a whole squad.
  • After that, focus on upgrading the range and number pulled, so you can grab more enemies from further away. The heavy lifting upgrade allows you to use it on brutes and tougher foes too.

Upgrade Path: You need to prioritize range and crowd upgrades first. Then get heavy lifting once available.

Final Thoughts

When choosing upgrades, think about your combat style and preferences. If you’re aggressive, boost your Web Shooters first. If you prefer gadgets, upgrade them first. There’s no single correct path.

You can get more out of upgraded gadgets when you use them together. You can grab enemies with the Web Grabber and then blast them with an upgraded Concussion Blast. Furthermore, you can bind tough foes with your improved Web Shooter. Experiment to find powerful combinations that match your play style!

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