All Rare Tech Parts Locations: Spider-Man 2

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Acquire all the Rare Tech Parts in Spider-Man 2 to increase your skills and power. We will show you all the Rare Tech Parts locations in this guide.

Swing into an instant action in the City of New York as not only Peter Parker but Miles Morales as well. Spider-Man 2 brings in a thrilling journey of these two super-nerds that will give you “science talk” from time to time while fighting a caveman, a space jello, and some other cosplayers that are not fit for the natural world. And with a wide range of improved web technologies at your disposal, you will never have to touch the ground because of lava.

However, as you start the main storyline, you will find different missions and quests with varying difficulty levels. Needless to say, you will feel the need to upgrade your suit and techs. And there are chances to bag some rare tech parts, tokens, and much more.

Needless to say, of all kinds of tech parts in the game, the rare ones are the most special, but these are the most challenging ones to find. As these parts are exclusive resources, you will need to swing a bit more, sweat a bit more, and fight a bit more. Hop in to learn more about these rare tech parts.

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All Rare Tech Parts Locations

There are five locations where you will find the Rare Tech Parts;

Prowler stashes

Spider-Man 2: All Rare Tech Parts Locations
credit: exputer guides (youtube)

The first way to get Rare Tech Parts is to visit the Prowler area marked on the map. Open your map on Spider-Man 2 and find the Prowler symbol. Head over to the marked point and retrieve all the Stashes there.

Once you do that, you will get three different puzzles, complete all three. And you will earn three Rare Tech Parts upon completing the puzzles successfully.

EMF Experiments Missions

Spider-Man 2: All Rare Tech Parts Locations
credit: exputer guides (youtube)

There are 9 of the EMF experiment missions. Start one of the quests and finish it successfully to obtain three Rare Tech Parts.

Accomplish all the nine missions to gather 27 Rare Tech Parts in total.

Hunter Blind Quests

Spider-Man 2: All Rare Tech Parts Locations
credit: exputer guides (youtube)

These are one of the side quests in Spider-Man 2. These Hunter Blind side missions are compacted with action and combats. Initiate these quests and fight against the opponents. Deal damage heavily with your spider-power and kill the enemies.

Once you have concluded the side quests, you will achieve Five Rare Tech Parts. Also, these missions will enable you to search for the secret Hunter Tech in New York City and show you how to farm more Rare Techs.

Unidentified Target Missions

Spider-Man 2: All Rare Tech Parts Locations
credit: exputer guides (youtube)

These Target Quests start pretty late in the game. After completing your 18th Mainstory Mission, you can unlock these Target Missions in Spider-Man 2.

After starting these quests, you will have to follow the Drone in the New York City sky and collect the Rare Tech Parts.

Hunter Crates

Spider-Man 2: All Rare Tech Parts Locations
credit: exputer guides (youtube)

These Hunter Crates are yellow and are scattered throughout the world of Spider-Man 2. To find these Crates or Chests, you will need to upgrade your Tech Suit and complete various missions and quests along the way.

Completing missions will unlock new regions and districts for you, and you will have a larger ratio of finding these Crates with Rare Tech Parts.

These are the five ways to find all the Rare Tech Parts in Spider-Man 2.

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