Tech Parts Explained: Spider-Man 2

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Credits: Insomniac Games

Tech parts can improve all of your spider-gear in Spiderman-2. So, make sure you have the necessary amount for the upgrades.

After the success of Insomniac’s Spiderman & Spiderman: Miles Morales, they are back again with the franchise’s latest entry: Spiderman-2. You will be able to play as both Peter & Miles. That means facing new enemies with new gadgets & suits for each of them.

Following the previous two game traditions, players can upgrade their suits and gadget’s powers with the help of collectibles called tech parts. With many other collectibles, like city tokens and hero tokens, it can be challenging to understand which one you are looking for.

But don’t worry, as in this guide, and we will take a deep dive into tech parts & showcase everything you need to know about them in Spiderman 2. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

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Tech Parts in Spider-Man 2

Tech Parts Spiderman 2
Credits: Insomniac Games

What are Tech Parts?

Tech Parts are a type of resource in Spiderman 2 that can be used to upgrade your gear. They are scattered throughout the city and can be obtained by completing various activities.

Why do you need Tech Parts?

You will use Tech Parts to upgrade your gadgets, suit tech, and unlock new suits. They allow you to customize your gameplay experience and enhance your abilities for Spiderman.

How to get Tech Parts for Spider-Man 2?

You can obtain Tech Parts in Spiderman 2 from the following methods:

Complete Crimes

Crimes will appear naturally as you roam around New York City. When a red warning triangle appears on the mini-map nearby, stop and complete the objective to earn some tech parts.

Complete FNSM Requests

Completing FNSM requests according to the guidelines will also earn you tech parts. These special missions are available only when you’re playing as Peter Parker.

Complete EMF Experiments

When you’re playing as Miles Morales, you will get EMF experiments. Completing these missions according to the guidelines will also earn you tech parts.

Find Tech Crates

These are scattered throughout New York and contain a good number of tech parts. Find them, and you will get the necessary tech parts for your next upgrade.

You can get the ‘All-Seeing’ perk within the Traversal tab of your Suit Tech tree to add Crate icons to your mini-map. This will allow you to locate the crates quickly.

Find Spider-Bots

You’ll see big, pulsing, colorful orbs in the open world. Spider bots remain there, and you will have to investigate to find them. These bots are hidden throughout the city and contain a good amount of tech parts.

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