Find the Door Knob and Hunting Rifle in Alan Wake 2

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Alan Wake 2 will give the players different weapons to use. But you will have to find it first. Here we will show you how you can find the door knob and get the hunting rifle in the game.

Alan Wake 2 is the official sequel to Alan Wake, released in 2010. Even though it was released after a decade, this game continues the story of the previous game. The last game concluded with Alan saving his loved one from the dark place but getting trapped himself. In this game, Alan is back, and we also have a fresh new perspective on the character called Saga Anderson.

Alan Wake 2 plays more like a survival horror game. The game retains its flashlight mechanics, but it plays a lot like the recent Resident Evil games. Your path will often be blocked by an obstacle which you will need to overcome by finding an item. Door Knob is one item you need to get yourself a brand new weapon, a hunting rifle. So here we will show you how you can find both the doorknob and the hunting rifle in the game.

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Finding the Door Knob in Alan Wake 2

The Door Knob will be in the Wellness Center location of the game. You will get to this location in Chapter 5 of the game. When you reach the wellness centre, make your way to the security room. In the security room, enter the code 170823 to unlock the door to get into the workshop. The clue for the security code can be found as a date of August 17, 2023.

After you unlock the security door, reach the wellness centre’s reception desk. The door knob is below the desk in a box. So, search the box below the reception desk. You will find your Door Knob there.

Finding the Hunting Rifle in Alan Wake 2

Since you have the door knob already, getting to a hunting rifle will not be a problem. Take the door knob and return to the workshop area. Now use the door knob on the workshop door to get inside the room. Inside the room, you will find the hunting rifle in a blue cabinet. It will take 4 inventory slots. So, you need to discard or use some items to make room in case you don’t have enough room to take the weapon.

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