How To Get the Screwdriver: Alan Wake 2

Abu Bakar Karim
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How To Get the Screwdriver: Alan Wake 2

Get your hands on the screwdriver without further hassle in Alan Wake 2.

In Alan Wake 2, you will need multiple tools and gear to access random places at random situations. That might be a hassle from time to time. And above all, the screwdriver has to be the most useful tool Saga can ever have. Even she, in her mind, agrees with this. Why wouldn’t she? From containers to doors to even some padlocks, that simple screwdriver has no rival.

Not to mention the places, but you will need it in multiple cases, as has already been mentioned. However, you can skip those parts where the screwdriver is a necessary item, but you will eventually have to come around to a certain mission where the screwdriver is an absolute must. And that is what I will be guiding you through today. Without further ado, hop in and stick around!

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The Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2

In Return 3 – Local Girl, you will have to enter the gift shop to further progress into Saga’s ongoing case. She will need to reach the Watery Lighthouse Trailer Park. And she needs the keys from the gift shop. We will be coming back to that later on. Stick around for that as well.

Before we proceed further, I presume you have already completed the first sequence. As you already know you can play the role of Alan as well, I would suggest to switch with Saga for now instead. It will much faster to find the screwdriver if you choose Saga over Alan at this part. Let’s dive in.

How to get the Screwdriver

Starting point, the Gift Shop

You are now at the gift shop. But the door seems locked and has a combination. However, there is a catch. The combination lock is jammed and now you have to break in. So from there, head to the Percolator ride in the park. Check the map for further clarification.

Head to the Percolator

However, you might find it difficult to go there as the way is flooded, and you will have to find a way around. This will take you through the woods. Watch out for some “Takens,” as they might try to ambush with the Leviathan ax. No, they are just normal. Also, look out for some collectibles on the way. You might come across some lunchboxes, cult stashes, and nursery rhymes.

Dealing with the Takens is not a big deal. The one that will rush to you, take it out first, while being careful to dodge any other projectile from the other one. Now that you are done with them, get to the percolator, look for the control panel, and observe. It should be just to the left of your entrance. The screwdriver should be right on top of it. Grab it, and you will achieve the Finding a Way trophy. Now, get back to the gift shop, and there will be another surprise puzzle waiting for you. For now, Hasta la vista!

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