All Deer Head Locations in Alan Wake 2

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Deer Heads are collectibles you can find while playing as Saga Anderson. Here is every deer head location in the game.

Alan Wake 2 is the sequel to 2010’s Alan Wake. In the previous game, you played as Alan Wake to save your loved one from a dark place. Throughout the game, Alan is able to save his loved one but gets trapped in the dark place himself. He has been trapped in there ever since. We got to see bits and pieces of Alan Wake in the sequel and in Control. Now, after 13 years, the sequel will answer what happened to Alan.

Alan Wake 2 will have two different playable characters. Saga Anderson, who will be an FBI agent investigating the cult murders in the city, and Alan Wake. While playing as Saga, you will find deer heads as trophies on the wall in different locations. These will grant you collectible points. So here we have shown all the locations for deer heads in the game.

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Locations of All Deer Heads in Alan Wake 2

LocationAreaHow to get it
Murder SiteCuldron LakeSouth of the murder site, there is a small shed. Inside that, you will find the mounted deer head.
Witchfinder’s StationCuldron LakeIn the northwestern corner of the map, you will find the station. The head can be found secret after a Nursery Rhyme Puzzle.
Rental CabinsCuldron LakeGo through Cabin 3 so you can solve the Nursery Rhyme in the next area. After that, fight your way to cabin 6 and claim your deer head.
Elderwood Palace LodgeBright FallsIn the backroom of Bright Falls, the mounted deer is above the fireplace.
Oh Deer DinerBright FallsThe storage room at the back of the diner has this mounted deer.
Valhalla Nursing HomeBright FallsThe lounge room on the second floor of the building has this deer head.
Valhalla Nursing HomeBright FallsIn the wellness center of the building you will eventually find a doorknob to get a hunting rifle. The deer head is in the same room as the rifle.
Ranger StationBright FallsInside the building, look around to find the deer head.
Suomi HallWateryUpon arriving at Watery, check out the bar across the road. The break room at the back contains a deer head.
Lighthouse Trailer Park WateryAfter obtaining the screwdriver and going through the gift shop, the deer head will be in Saga’s old trailer.
Kalevala Knights WorkshopWateryThe deer head is inside the workshop. It is fairly easy to spot.
Ranger StationWateryAfter completing the Overlap encounter, go to the north of the coffee world in the ranger station to find the deer head.

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