Fans defend Apex Legends new character Rampart from online trolls

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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(Image credit: Respawn)

Respawn just announced their new character Rampart for season 6 of Apex Legends in a spectacular trailer.

The trailer featured a new legend alongside her weapon which is presumably called “sheila“. In classic Respawn fashion, they introduced a new character keeping diversity and representation in mind. For the first time, Respawn introduced an Indian legend in the game.

However, the unfortunate part of the new character trailer was that some players thought the new legend Rampart looks really “ugly“. Furthermore, they started to troll Rampart based on her physical features like the gap in her teeth, large nose, thicker eyebrows, etc.

Fans speak out about all the “ugly” remark:

In this case, some fans from the community showed their support towards Respawn’s decision to make her more relatable rather than just making her look like a supermodel. From the very beginning, one of the goals of Respawn was to include a diverse range of characters in Apex Legends. Suffices to say that Respawn really succeeded in their goal.

rampart Apex Legends
Image via Respawn

No one is perfect. We don’t all have a perfect straight nose, perfect teeth, and perfectly tamed eyebrows. We have out flaws and that’s what makes us…us“, one fan wrote in response to all the “ugly” remarks made by some trolls.

Tom Casiello who is one of the writers at Respawn showed his gratitude towards fans who defended Rampart. Not all the characters in the game need to have “perfect features“. Rampart will definitely shake things up in the Apex games.

All of the characters in Apex Legends are really unique and they all have their own story bits in the game. All these larger than life characters interact in a certain way that gives each legend an extra layer of depth. Hopefully, Rampart will bring her chaotic energy to the game alongside sheila.

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