Ezreal now has the most number of skins in League of Legends surpassing Miss Fortune

With the new PsyOps skin, Ezreal has now overtaken Miss fortune for having the most number of skins in League of Legends.

For the upcoming patch 10.18, Riot Games has introduced a new PsyOps skin line featuring Sona, Vi, Master Yi, Shen, and Ezreal. While everyone was speculating that Sona will be getting the Prestige skin, Riot unveiled that Ezreal will be one who is getting the Prestige skin instead. Which means Ezreal is getting two new skins in patch 10.18.

Before the PsyOps skins, Miss Fortune had the highest number of skins with 14 skins and Ezreal was tied up with Lux and Alistar for having the second-highest number of skins with 13 skins.

And now with the introduction of new PsyOps skins, Ezreal will surpass Miss Fortune for having the most number of skins in League of Legends with 15 skins.

Battle Academia Ezreal skins
Battle Academia Ezreal Via Riot Games

Ezreal is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends season 10. When every other ADC was struggling, Ezreal was one of the few AD carries who was outperforming in the meta that didn’t favor ADCs at all. At one point he also had around 46.72% pick rate worldwide while having the highest win rate. Despite being so popular he didn’t receive any new skins in 2020. The last skin that he got was Battle Academia Ezreal that was released back on May 15, 2019.

Previously, Riot received a lot of backlashes for releasing new skins only for popular champions. Even a few weeks ago when Riot announced second prestige skin for Kai’sa players started to call out Riot for only prioritizing “money-making” champions.

And regarding that Riot replied, “We often prioritize skins for our most popular champions.” So it is no surprise that Riot is releasing two new skins for one of the most popular ADCs at this moment.

But some players might argue why there are still 12 champions who haven’t received any new skins in 1000+ days while champions like Ezreal has 15 skins. Riot, however, is trying to resolve the issue by releasing new skins for those champions almost in every other patch now.

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