Apex Legends season 6: release date, the new weapon, crafting, Blisk, a new map and more

The new season six is going to be a banger

Respawn recently released the official trailer for season 6 of Apex Legends which introduced Rampart as the next legend in the game. The new season will be called “Boosted” and it will arrive on 18th August.

Alongside the announcement of Rampart, Respawn also announced a new SMG weapon called “VOLT” and crafting for the first time in the game. Furthermore, Respawn is also teasing Blisk everywhere in the Kings canyon map right now.

The new weapon VOLT:

The “volt” SMG has been in the game files of Apex Legends for a long time now. Most of the reliable data miners have hinted towards this weapon multiple times. As it was a pretty good weapon in the Titanfall series, it was only a matter of time before Respawn brought it into the Apex games with some slight tweaks.

VOLT SMG Apex Legends
Image via Respawn

Right now, there are only two decent SMGs in the game. One of them is the most popular “R99” which uses light ammo and the other one is “Prowler” which is also a pretty decent option but it utilizes heavy ammo. It makes so much sense that Respawn will now add a third energy-based SMG that might rival the R99.

However, it is still not clear if Respawn will vault any other SMG mentioned above like the R99 or the Prowler to make room for volt. Since Respawn still hasn’t revealed anything about volt SMG as of now, players have already started to make mockups based on the weapon found in the Titanfall games.

Crafting in Apex Legends:

Just like the volt SMG, crafting has also been mentioned by some prominent Apex Legends data miners. At first, the rumors were that crafting was going to be a part of the new legend’s abilities that would allow players to have better weapons by upgrading them using some sorts of materials. Crafting in Apex might not work the way they do in games like Fortnite.

Image via Ubisoft

Apex Legends will most likely do things their own way. The best example of how they might introduce crafting in the game is how Hyperscape does it. Hyperscape is basically a new arena shooter inspired battle royale game from Ubisoft where players can combine multiple weapons of the same variant together to craft the same weapon with better stats.

Imagine finding more than one level-1 attachment in the game and using crafting to combine these two attachments into one. However, the new attachment will have stats compared to a level three attachment. Since Respawn still hasn’t revealed exactly how crafting will work in this game, take all of these speculations with a grain of salt.

Blisk a future legend?

Respawn is currently heavily teasing Blisk on almost every corner of Kings Canyon using graffiti arts. Since Rampart is the only graffiti artist in the game, it is highly possible that Rampart is responsible for these graffiti arts. Seems like Rampart is in some way connected to Blisk who was teased with the official launch trailer of the game back in 2019.

There is a good chance that Respawn might introduce Blisk as a new legend in some future seasons. For now, nothing has been confirmed by Respawn.

A new map Olympus:

At the end of the broken ghost quest, everyone just assumed that players were going to get a new map called Olympus in season 6 of Apex Legends. According to some reliable data miners, there is also some kind of a UFO that is also connected with the new map Olympus.

However, as it turns out, the latest trailer for season 6 didn’t mention any new maps. So, there is a good chance that the new Olympus map might not arrive with the launch of season 6.

The next season is surely going to be a banger as there are so many new things that were officially announced like a new weapon, a new legend, and crafting. However, there might also be some big surprises that Respawn has kept secret from players. Players will soon figure them out for themselves when season 6 drops on August 18th.

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