Did Respawn just hinted a new energy-based weapon in season 4

Another energy-based weapon

In the latest Update of Apex Legends, the Grand Soirée devs removed all he extended energy mags from the map. When asked about it the devs said that it will make more sense in season 4.

In the patch notes, the devs said that the removal of energy makes may seem odd at the moment but with the release of the new season it will make much more sense. They also said that this update wasn’t supposed to go live during this event. Instead, it was supposed to go live with season 4.

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New Energy-Based SMG confirmed?

Since the devs acknowledged that they actually made a mistake. And the energy mag changes weren’t supposed to go live until season 4. This gave new life to long term rumor that the new weapon in season 4 will most likely be an energy-based SMG. Many Titanfall veterans are sure that the new weapon will be the Volt SMG from Titanfal.

New energy-based weapon concept
New energy-based weapon concept

It all kind of makes sense due to the devs claiming that the changes in the patch were supposably made for the new season. So, maybe to balance the new weapon the energy mags were removed. It all makes sense that the new season weapon might be a SMG.

In previous seasons we got a sniper rifle, assault rifle, LMG, etc. So it makes total sense to assume that this time Respawn may add a new SMG to the game in the upcoming new season.



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