Epic League faces backlash over no delay GOTV stream during CIS RMR events

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Valve/ Epic League

The Epic League is facing repercussions for not using delay during the GOTV stream of CIS RMR events.

CIS RMR (Regional Major Points) events are a big deal to a lot of professional CSGO teams from the CIS region. In recent RMR events, there was apparently no delay in GOTV streams while the events were live.

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On top of that, there was no anti-cheat, no TeamSpeak records, and no replay option for teams. Worst of all, teams that placed 5th to 6th had no clear information about future matches. Following the no-delay stream of GOTV, some pro players voiced their concern about the competitive integrity of these matches.

The lack of delay paired with the no anti-cheat put question marks surrounding the whole tournament. The pro-CSGO community has been voicing their frustrations on social media platforms regarding these recent CIS RMR events.

Among them, “s1mple” was very vocal about the mismanagement of these very important matches.

Some analysts are even calling for a rematch of the whole RMR events in the CIS region for the sake of the competitive integrity of the game, but that may not come to fruition any time soon.

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Valve is yet to make any comments regarding the situation as of writing. We’ll update this article with more relevant information as soon as Valve makes any comments.

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