Flashpoint NiP vs ANONYMO Debacle: Timeline of Events, “dev1ce” Apology, & More

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Dev1ce’s debut match against Anonymo following his departure from Astralis got tangled with a series of unfortunate events.

It all started when NiP shocked the whole CSGO Esports scene by announcing that “dev1ce” who is one of the most decorated pro-CSGO players of all time left Astralis to represent NiP in future events.

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During the online-only event organized by Flashpoint, “dev1ce” made his official debut under the new umbrella of NiP. However, the debut match didn’t turn out as most fans wanted since NiP was experiencing 30-40% packet loss and lost to Anonymo 2-1 in a best of 3 formats.

Timeline of Events:

Despite contacting the tournament officials about their internet issues, NiP apparently was forced to continue with their match. Following the match, NiP made an official complaint to Flashpoint tournament official for a formal inquiry as they believe the internet issues seriously affected the competitive integrity of the match.

Upon further inspection, tournament organizers came to the conclusion that what happened during the match was not a problem with NiP’s ISP. Turns out, some Flashpoint security settings were interfering with traffic coming from NiP which resulted in packet loss.

Since the problem was with Flashpoint’s security settings, NiP had no options to fix the issue. As a result, to keep the competitive integrity of the tournament intact, Flashpoint contacted both NiP and Anonymo to either play a full Bo3 or a Bo1 on the third map of the previous series at Mirage on 21:00 CEST on Sunday.

Anonymo’s response

Flashpoint gave Anonymo the final decision to play either a Bo3 or a Bo1 on the last map. But Anonymo refused to comply with the ruling made by Flashpoint and demanded a final ruling to be made by Valve. Subsequently, Valve agrees with the competitive ruling made by Flashpoint.

Anonymo also stated that the ruling was really unfair to them. On top of that, they are under the impression that the tournament organizers were being pressured to make a one-sided ruling due to certain business arrangements made between NiP and tournament organizers.

As of writing, Anonymo is not willing to go forward with the decision made by Flashpoint. On the other side of the aisle, NiP says they are willing to accept the ruling made by tournament organizers. Since the ruling is now supported by Valve, it is highly unlikely that Anonymo has any other options rather than complying with the rules set by Flashpoint.

Dev1ce apology explained:

In this whole back and forth, Dev1ce was really vocal about the whole situation on Twitter. And during the live match, he made some unprofessional remarks to the tournament admins as they were unable to fix problems.

Dev1ce later apologized for his actions and wants to move on from the whole situation. He also stated that they just wanted an acknowledgment from the tournament organizers that the playing conditions from the tournament were unacceptable.

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