Dying Light 2: Lockpicking guide: How to Unlock, Craft, Use, and Upgrade Lockpicks

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Want to become a Lockpicking expert in Dying Light 2? Check out our guide on how to unlock, craft, use, and upgrade lockpicks to be able to break your way into any place and loot any chest!

Created by Techland, Dying Light 2 is an epic first-person action survival horror video game that is set in a zombie apocalypse just like its predecessor. It offers a vast map with ample exploration and scavenging opportunities. Dying Light 2 makes players rely not only on instincts for survival but also tools and gadgets of varying kinds to help them out during their journey across Villedor.

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Lockpicks are among one of the handiest tools that Aiden can use to break through locked doors and crack open chests or crates hoarding rare loot. If you have played any of the Fallout or Elder Scrolls games, then the lockpicking mechanics will feel similar to you as they work in almost the same way. Keep reading to learn how you can unlock and craft lockpicks, as well as how to use and upgrade them down the line.

How to Unlock Lockpick in Dying Light 2

The blueprint needed for crafting Lockpicks is unlocked as part of the “Markers of Plague” main story quest. It is the third main story quest of the game and takes place in Old Villedor. Hakon will give you the Lockpick blueprint when you two search the hospital together.

How to Craft Lockpick in Dying Light 2

You’ll be tasked with crafting a few lockpicks right as you receive the blueprint. In order to craft a lockpick, pick up some scrap from one of the trash cans beside the locked door. Then, head on to the crafting menu, select Lockpick from the left side of the screen and hold the command button to Craft, and they will be added to your inventory.

You can craft up to 3x lockpicks using 5x Scraps at a time. Moreover, you can craft as many as you like as long as you have the materials on hand. Scraps are very easy to find in the environment, especially in trash cans and drawers. Once you are further on in the game and have plenty of crafting materials available, Lockpicks can be easily crafted from the left-hand side of the Accessories column.

How to Use Lockpick in Dying Light 2

Once you approach a locked door, chest, or crate that can be opened with a lockpick, it will display the difficulty level of picking the lock. The difficulty levels are divided into categories such as Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard based on the resistance of the lock. Lockpicks aren’t very durable, so they might break when you try to pick locks with high resistance.

Moreover, once you have upgraded your Lockpick blueprint to a certain level, the option to force open locks also becomes available to you. However, that will consume 2 or more lockpicks from your inventory based on the difficulty rating of the lock.

As for how to actually pick locks in Dying Light 2, there is a bit of a learning curve to the process. Interacting with the locked door or crate will start a mini-game where you have to rotate the lockpick and screwdriver to position them exactly right and pick the lock successfully.

There will be a lot of trial and error involved, so you need to be patient. You need to use one hand to rotate the pick, and the other to hold the screwdriver in place. The goal is to get the lock to rotate 90 degrees and unlock. For that, you need to first position your top pick and slowly rotate the bottom pick. You will eventually hit the sweet spot and unlock the door or crate. However, if you face too much resistance, it is better to release the pick and start over again.

If you’re playing Dying Light 2 on a console, the controller will start to vibrate to indicate resistance. However, if you’re on PC, you need to look out for the visual cues. If the top pick is placed incorrectly, the lower pick will start to wobble to indicate resistance. At that moment, the lockpick might break if you keep pushing too hard. However, the durability of the lockpick will reset if you let go. And you can try again.

Check out this video to learn more on how to pick locks in Dying Light 2:

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How to Upgrade Lockpick in Dying Light 2

As mentioned earlier, lockpicks aren’t very durable and will break if met with too much resistance. This makes locks with greater difficulty levels even harder to crack. Thankfully, you can upgrade the Lockpick blueprint to increase its durability. The more upgraded your lockpicks are, the lesser time it will take for you to crack open easier locks. You can even come back to crack locks you were previously unable to after upgrading your lockpick.

Lockprint Blueprint upgrades can be found at any Craftsmaster’s shop. You’ll find a Craftsmaster in every safe zone or hub, and their location is marked with an X made out of a hammer and a wrench on the map. Blueprint upgrades can be traded for Infected Trophies of varying rarity. Infected trophies are a type of loot dropped by Zombies that can be bartered for weapon and accessory upgrades. You can check out our in-depth guide on how to farm these Infected Trophies.

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